ODM ordered samples of the Sarobag once the fabric and accessories were chosen.  We decided to make the first two samples in a very simple design using only the fabric and a zipper – these more for the promotional products market.

(simple bag unzipping itself into a sarong with no bells or whistles see picture on right).

For the second option of the Sarobag, ODMasia chose to try a more elaborate version of the Sarobag.  This bag would contain a sarong in a special pocket instead. The sarong and the bag would hence be two separate interconnected items in different fabrics.

Below is our designer Edmund’s sketch for the 3rd sample, a more elaborate Sarobag for sampling.

The idea behind this second version of the bag was that our potential customers would have choice to order a higher end options which solves the following problems with the simple Sarobag design:

  • When using the simple Sarobag to lie out (or wearing) you must undo the bag meaning that all bag functionality is lost.
  • Items can get sandy if put into bag after the Sarong is used on beach.
  • New option allows different fabrics for higher end product.

The sales and merchandising team helped explain our reasoning to the factory designers and sent the fabric samples to them from HK via courier. ODM is calling factory daily for updates and to check costings and possible improvements during the sample manufacturing stage.