After a stage of concept development and sketching of the sarobag our staff sat down together to choose the most ergonomic bag from the multiple different options offered by the designers.

As mentioned in previous articles, the Sarobag is a sarong zipped into a bag, and that can be used for carrying beach items: sun screens, sun glasses, water bottles etc. On the beach, the unzipped bag can serve the purpose of a towel.

Bearing in mind the client’s needs and expectations, a few different options were eliminated. This stage is called the phase of screening of ideas in the Key stage of product development so some ideas were bounced around

  • backpack not exactly the kind of bag people expected to take to beach
  • the handbag was too female-oriented
  • the traveler’s bag was too bulky
  • Needed compartment for bottle water
  • etc.

One of the designs that survived the reiterated screening selection process was the following bag:

Simple, handy, unisex, with different pockets for keys or cell phones, this marker rendering of the Sarobag is perfectly adapted for use on the beach. The clip offers additional security, hence the bag can also be carried in town without any risk.

Next stage can be Computer Aided Design (CAD) Rendering.  This stage can be skipped for simpler products but ODM will perform this stage also.   CAD is an obligatory step for complex designs with plastics where moulds required.