Delighted to announce that ODM have finally hit the 500 blog milestone.   It’s been a lot of work and ODM would like to thank all of our authors & readers for your continued feedback and support.

We are trying to comment as much as possible on our work with Inventors, Promotional Products campaigns, our factories and what it really means to run a buying office in China.

Working with Entrepreneurs and new business start ups is a core strategy for the ODM Group. Blog Projects like sharing the complete product development case study of the Sarobag, from inception to market, are key to communicating our service and we are glad that you are along with us for the journey.

Our goal is to keep our blogs as informative as possible so that our customers and friends can use this resource for planning their business.   Already, some of our key inventions have been launched on this blog due to the flexibility WordPress publishing has given us.  No more waiting for Trade shows to launch new products…

What to expect for the next year of blogs?

  • Some of our partners around the world will write for us on their International Promotional Product campaigns.  This means we will have more authors from different countries – see Brindes Brasil to get an idea of this local touch.
  • Our Chinese team will be giving some more pointers on manufacture and product development, manufacturing tips, Incoterms, new rules/laws in China and other International Trade requirements.
  • Our Quality Control team will blog about new quality requirements for products.  They will also share more about factories & products they find on their journeys.
  • ODM will publish Monthly special offers on our Blog.  This gives more business to better performing factories and we all profit from economies to scale.
  • More interaction between other blogs (see lists of blogs) & new social media.
  • We will lighten things up by reporting some fun experiences we have on our travels.

Contact us to let us know what other themes you would like us to expand on.  This is your blog too.