Moving forward to market the Sarobag, just like any other Mindsparkz invention, we created a website to communicate and build the brand.   Our Graphic designers used JustHost and its RVsite builder for a quick build and so that we can update with news and designs quickly via the Sarobag site. Various programs and software have been utilized in the process such as Photoshop and other online shareware for the banner, font designs, etc…

The informative website aims to give online viewers an elaborate run down of the Sarobag brand, from its stages in development to the different themed designs available.

Development process required a lot of input from our product designers and brainstorming from the production team.   A preview to the different regions & beach themed designs is explored on the site. There are more than 10 pages in total, and these will be continually updated and added to with time.

ODM will be linking this website with various other ones in China including our Bag Factory website.  Multiple links to ODM’s blogs, websites, Twitter social networking sites and other external links will be added to increase market presence and search engines optimization.