Felt it would be good to share the product development process for our new Sarobag.  This case study can be used as an example of how ODM work for inventors as we discuss the various aspects of development – from concept to market.

Just some background, the Sarobag was designed on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro where our team were relaxing after a long day meeting with Brazilian Promotional Products Companies – this trip was sponsored by a British Airways Business Opportunity Grant.

Step 1 – Ideation.  (See key stages of product development)

Many people we spoke to in Brazil expressed concern about the high levels of crime and safety.  One thing they mentioned was to be really careful of our bags if we ventured on the beach.   Every inventor/product designer needs to identify a problem as a first stage before working on an invention/design to solve it.

Our thoughts shifted towards creating a beach blanket which firmly attached to a bag.   The most elegent solution we could come up with was a combination of a Sarong and a Bag – www.SaroBag.com website was registered.

Please feel free to leave your comments on the process.