Please note that there are some major public holidays coming up shortly for China.  This is the second biggest block of holidays after Chinese New Year. From a cultural standpoint, during the mid autumn festival be sure to try moon cakes once (though very much an acquired taste).

This holiday will affect timelines for production of orders so pls. order early to avoid delays. Many factories are already complaining about shortages in labour and wage creep, so these extra holidays are going to have serious impact on general orders and potentially on quality.

Mid-autumn festival 22-24 Sep
PRC birthday – (Golden Week – see previous years blog) 1-7 Oct

Chinese workers traditionally get a bonus on Chinese New Year, after which they frequently change jobs.   There is no bonus offered during the upcoming holidays and with Chinese New Year in early February next year we expect that most workers will stay on – we do not see so much labour movement around these holidays.