When it comes to marketing cosmetics, it is crucial to present your brand in a compelling and interesting way. After all, you’re selling products that promise to enhance your customers’ appearance. That’s what Estee Lauder did in their recent cosmetic gift with purchase promotion.

Cosmetic Gift with Purchase

Cosmetic Gift with Purchase

The brand is giving away a custom cosmetic pouch with every Estee Lauder purchase of $150.00 USD or more. Great incentive for beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts as this customer incentive is not only practical but stylish as well.


Cosmetic Gift with Purchase

Cosmetic Gift with Purchase

Sporting summery prints, their custom printed bag is small enough to fit in hand bags. This also makes a great travel companion as it makes organizing toiletries simple. What made their gift with purchase the center of attraction is their glass casing. The cosmetic POS display was simple yet, it exudes elegance and quality.

Since this Estee Lauder line of products is intended for women, the use of posters with pretty girls creates  a powerful marketing message to their target audience. The posters are practically telling their female audience that they can make them look glamorous just like the models. In essence, the combination of effective POS display and cosmetic gift with purchase has helped the company get their message across effectively.

So, if you’re planning a cosmetic gift with purchase campaign, here are factors to consider.


5 Factors to Consider for a Successful Cosmetic Gift with Purchase

  • Who Is Your Audience? – Some cosmetic products are made for certain types of skin, age, and gender. For instance, Estee Lauder’s cosmetic pouch are ideal for teeners and older women alike. This is because the color and style are simple. If you are marketing to the male audience, dark and earthy colors would be ideal. Here’s an excellent example:


  • Are the GWPs of Use to Customers? – What complimentary gift with purchase are you going to offer to your customers? Some of the most common GWPs are pouch bags and cosmetic tools such as a promotional nail file, nail clippers, custom pocket mirrors, and power banks in the shape of lipstick and mirrors. As for Estee Lauder, using a cosmetic bag as a GWP is a good choice because customers will surely use them on a regular basis, exposing their brand to many people. Thus, extending brand visibility beyond retail stores.


  • What Type of POS Display Should I Use? – Are you going to use a custom countertop display? Or an FSDU? Size? Since cosmetic products and beauty marketing gifts are usually small, your display should not overpower the merchandise but instead emphasize their good qualities. Here are some cosmetic pos display ideas to inspire you:


  • What is MOQ? – If you are looking to source promotional gifts in China, you should familiarize yourself with MOQ or minimum order requirement. MOQ in China is high for simple and cheap products like ballpen, simple plastic toys, and the like. This is because manufacturing larger volumes offsets the high production cost. Ordering high volume of products may leave you with unsold pieces so it’s important to know how much you need. To learn more about MOQ in China, the factors affecting order quantity and how to lower them, read on…


  • Who will Manufacture my Cosmetic Gift With Purchase? – When looking for a promotional product company to manufacture your custom branded merchandise, consider their years of experience in the industry. Do they visit factories? Do they conduct factory audits? Are the factories compliant with international safety standards?


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Using marketing gift sets allows merchandisers to sell 2 or more products in one single  transaction, increasing sales. For customers, this is a great deal as they get to score different items at a fairly lower price.