This Gift Set Promotion by Twizzle is definitely worth checking out! The promotional gift set includes three spa products for customers, allowing maximum comfort. All products for an at-home spa day are top quality.


Gift Set Promo

Gift Set Promo


Twizzle have created a range of gift sets ranging in size and style. This spa gift set is a thoughtful and cost-efficient package which includes enough products to have a relaxing experience. The gift set packaging is pleasing to the eye, and the scents are very inviting.


What is included in your Gift Set?

  • Body butter: This rich coconut truffle body butter, leaves any skin feeling soft after use.
  • Bath soak: A marshmallow scented bath soak… What more could you want? Nonetheless, the bath soak creates a calming environment, resulting in a sweet smell.
  • Shower puff as On pack Offer: The gift set would not be complete without a shower puff. Made from soft mesh, the puff allows customers to exfoliate dead skin, but most importantly, is not rough.


What’s to love about the Gift Set?

  • Custom Packaging Design: Customers are more likely to buy the gift set as the packaging allows customers to see what is inside. Hence, this feature leaves them fully confident to buy the product. The rustic, wood-like packaging exhibits the calming and natural aspects. Therefore, inviting customers to relax and  unwind after a busy day. They can spoil themselves with this gift set.
  • Attention to detail: The ribbon wrapped around the box shows customers attention to detail. Therefore, without the bows, the packaging would look plain. It adds a final touch to the gift set and it has many different textures which grabs viewers’ attention fast.


We can make it better…

However, the production of single use packaging is harmful to the environment. Globally, the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year, one report said. As a result, landfill builds up very fast.

For that reason, one way to reduce your company’s waste is by giving a reusable beauty bag with the same products and details. Furthermore, this promotes sustainability within your company.

There are also other eco-friendly packaging you can use to market your merchandise such as Sugarcane packaging and compostable paper packaging. Bio Pet Packaging is a wonderful alternative to plastic and is 100% biodegradable, so why not give it a try?

We are professionals in designing and manufacturing products for your needs! In other words, you should contact ODM for help if you are interested in custom packaging for your own gift ideas and custom promotional merchandise.


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