Whether it’s a Valentine’s day gift, a self-reward or anniversary gift- by employing an in-pack Promo Gift, men will appreciate not having to worry about finding a gift to give their significant other. Females will also be able to indulge in a luxurious product at an affordable price. Baylis and Harding have got the right idea by providing shoppers with custom promotional socks. When used effectively, incorporating custom promotional merchandise is a great way to market products and can be beneficial for your brand.

Custom Promotional Socks to Improve Your Merchandising

Custom Promotional Socks to Improve Your Merchandising


In this image, we see how Baylis and Harding have used in pack custom promotional socks to market the jojoba silk and almond oil foot lotion as an affordable luxurious gift.

By doing this, Baylis and Harding have created a product more tailored to meeting the desires of the shoppers.

The stretch cotton socks are the perfect gift for any foot lotion/spa promotion. The target consumers will be provided with breathable socks that perfectly complements the purchased product.


How custom promotional merchandising can increase customer sales

The merchandising of the socks will increase your brand credibility and subsequently your customer sales due to;

  • Product Visibility- the socks appear to be visible through the plastic packaging at the front. Consumers can see both the freebie and the lotion.
  • Product Desirability– the socks appear to be desirable due to the white cotton used to create this idealised product. Also, the nature of the products coincides with each other very well, both being; beautifully placed, clean cut and complementary products.
  • Customer Engagement– by incorporating the ‘touch me’ feature, shoppers feel more engaged with the product when provided with the sample offering. The targeted consumers are provided with greater connectivity with the product making the brand more credible.


ODM suggestions

As you can see, freebies benefit brands as they gain a credible reputation and can increase their customer sales. In order to do so, we suggest using more in store displays than Baylis and Harding did, in order to promote the socks as free. For example, Calvin Klein successfully marketed toiletry bags as a free premium product during a fragrance campaign as shown in this blog-


The merchandise display used in the Calvin Klein promotional campaign gives shoppers an attractive first point of contact while the other features of the promotion will provide consumers with a more practical point of contact.

Therefore, In addition to manufacturing the durable white socks, ODM can also assist in creating the in store POS Display Units to promote the socks as a free gift with purchase, like Calvin Klein have done.

Our team can also help design and manufacture promotional socks. Last year, we released our colorful Year of the Pug Socks for our Chinese New Year promo. Check out some of our previous CNY projects:


Year of the Rooster Socks to bring good luck:


If custom promotional socks can help you achieve increased sales, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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