Recently, I came across this promotion by Johnnie Walker in Singapore. To celebrate its 200th anniversary, they have a limited edition bottle design for their Black Label. In addition, each bottle comes with a free gift – a pair of exclusive custom branded socks. A very unique but effective promotion.

Custom Branded Socks

Custom Branded Socks – Johnnie Walker On-Pack Promotion

The whiskey market is highly competitive. Many brands are rolling out promotions to stand out from the crowd.  We think that Johnnie Walker has been very successful in its marketing campaign.  Also, it managed to maintain its reputation as a well-loved brand.


Here are some interesting case studies of Johnnie Walker’s previous in-store promotions:

Johnnie Walker accentuated what is good about their products and pull in shoppers to their display through this custom POP display.


They also offered a drinks gift set which consists of a shot glass, promotional bar jigger, and bar spoon.


Johnnie Walker is one of the major sponsors of the Formula 1 Singapore GP. To promote their brand and the event, they offered a free Official F1 GP Umbrella as a gift with purchase. Definitely came in handy during that race!

What we like about Johnnie Walker’s Promotion and Custom Branded Socks

Custom Branded Socks

Custom Branded Socks – Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Offer

Drives Impulse Buys

The socks are a first-come-first-serve, so, only a few lucky shoppers can get it. Owning an exclusive item may give the shopper a sense of satisfaction. Hence, having limited-edition designs and gift with purchase urges shoppers to buy their product so that they will not miss out.

When I saw this product, there was actually only one bottle left!

Design Factor

The design of the bottle and socks is very attractive. Although it is simple, the colour choices of black and yellow, make it visually appealing. Plus, it makes the brand feel premium. It will definitely capture the attention of shoppers and entice them to buy one.

High Utility

Socks are very useful for almost everyone, which can interest some shoppers. It is a smart move for JW to maximize utility for customers. Furthermore, socks are low cost to manufacture. Hence, they make great cheap promotional items!


Offering socks an on-pack gift for a Whiskey company is somewhat unusual and unexpected which can intrigue shoppers. However, having something unique allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Also, their slogan is “Keep Walking” so offering socks is very fitting for their brand.

Boost Brand Awareness

Socks are something that people wear every day. Displaying their brand logo on socks is an intelligent way to gain awareness for your brand. Also, the design is very catchy so many people will take notice of it.


Custom Branded Socks

Custom Branded Socks – Johnnie Walker On-Pack Gift

Design possibilities are endless when it comes to sock designs. You can decide on which color, pattern, design, and material you want. To ensure the quality of promotional socks, it is vital to work with a professional that has years of experience in design and manufacturing such products.

ODM has done customized promotional socks for companies. We also have our own CNY Zodiac lucky socks, which is a yearly thing.  Check out our Year of the Rat Socks!

Here is how our socks are manufactured!

Our Takeaways

Offering custom branded socks as a gift with purchase is a great marketing move by Johnnie Walker. It is really unique and will definitely drive lots of sales for it.

ODM totally recommends you to offer custom promotional socks for your marketing campaign. If you need help with designing your own customised socks, our design team, Mindsparkz, can help you with that! They specialise in graphic design and they will help create a Specification Sheet for it! They also can advise you on what Pantone colour works best for your design.

We can also assist you with other promotional product needs. Our services include product design, sourcing, quality control, and shipping. We ensure you that the product will be high-quality and up to standards. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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