With each passing day, most brands are constantly searching for new ways to promote their products and increase brand awareness. One excellent way to beat this rave is by staying ahead of the competition with innovative promotional strategies and Custom DIY Colouring merchandise is definitely a creative way to stay ahead of the curve.

DIY Colouring Merchandise – Tote Bags

What is DIY Colouring merchandise?

DIY is an acronym for Do It Yourself.

The concept of these products is somewhat similar to having coloring books. This is in the sense that on the body of the product, there is line art to which people are intended to add color using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media. Unlike what we were sold to believe from time memorial, it is widespread knowledge that adults also enjoy colouring especially people who are artistically inclined and even people who aren’t. Research has proven that colouring is therapeutic and beneficial in the sense that not only does it improve your motor skills and vision, it is also known to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

From aprons to backpacks to tote bags to kites, books, and even shirts, this custom DIY colouring merchandise can be replicated on a wide number of products in many creative ways that represent your brand.

DIY colouring merchandise – aprons

Perks of the DIY colouring merchandise

  • Enhances creativity: It offers the opportunity to represent your brand in ways that are unique to you. With these custom merchandise, the opportunities are limitless. You have a wide range of options to choose from. It also gives you the opportunity to explore so many options that can be particular to your brand. It is an open field of resources and opportunity waiting to be tapped.
  • Trendy: This is an out of the box idea that is very much in vogue and in with the times. Because of the uniqueness of this digital age, custom promotional products like these are gaining ground and becoming more widespread in its usage. This is the kind of promotion that keeps you in with the trend.
  • Engages your audience: The nature of this promotion demands that your consumers engage with it and these keep your brand at the forefront of their mind’s consciousness. So rather than get it and forget about it, they are inclined to interact with it more often than they would have and this in turn gives them a sense of inclusion that makes them feel like they are a part of your brand’s process. It gives the illusion of involvement and belonging.
  • Increases brand awareness: Because of its unique design, incorporating this DIY colouring design into your brand is bound to start to spark up exciting conversations that will draw awareness to your brand and it’s products. This is the kind of promotion that gets people talking and encourages referrals.
  • Personalization: The way this is set up, it is like an open template, and anyone who gets it can tweak it to their preferred taste and liking. This gives your consumers the illusion of control and so even though it is within the limits set by the template you have provided to them, they are able to make certain changes that make them feel a semblance of inclusivity. It also guarantees the illusion of belonging as well as uniqueness in the sense that two people can have say the same bag for example but the colour and creative expression are different.

DIY colouring merchandise

How can you incorporate this into your brand?

  • Gift with purchase: You can use a Custom DIY colouring apron for example as a free gift with purchase of your product. This is an incentive that continues to yield exponential results because people are always more motivated to buy a certain product when there is a gift attached to it.
  • Attach prizes and challenges around the product: You can run a challenge that says there is a free gift for anyone with the best colouring design and run a competition for a certain limited number of days. This is a known promotional bait that is bound to yield results because most people are competitive in nature. In order to qualify to enter the competition, a lot of people would most likely purchase the product and this means not just an increase in sales for your company but a widespread awareness of your brand. This is a great way to stay relevant and in the center of things by getting people talking about your brand.
  • Free gift incentive: The way this works is you attach the DIY colouring product of your choice (could be a bag, shirt, apron, or book, depending on your brand) as a free gift incentive for purchases over a certain amount. For example, say free DIY colouring tote bags for purchases over £50. Most people are likely to purchase way overstated amount in an attempt to earn the free gift promise.
  • On pack promotion: On-pack promotions are probably the most commonly used means of sales promotion in the retail world. They are an exceptional way to make your product stand out along the saturated shelves of the standard store. You can include any of these DIY alongside the sale of your product, (depending on your brand) as an on-pack promotion.


How can ODM help you?

When selecting DIY colouring merchandise, it is best to go with a design and product that is not just creatively unique but also durable and of great quality. You should also look out for something that best expresses your brand’s image and leaves your customers talking for days long after they have used this product.

ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry. Our dedicated team of merchandisers and designers at Mindsparkz will help you maximize your marketing budget by designing and sourcing high-quality custom promotional gifts and giveaways. Let us know how we can help you by sending us an email today!

Whatever you are looking to use this as, we will definitely give you the very best. Also, if you would like POS displays or instore displays to showcase this merchandise, we are at your service as we have tons of experience manufacturing and doing these.

Quote the product code when contacting our team. ODM-2862 is the code for our coloring bags and ODM-2863 for kites and aprons.


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