Bags are the go-to promotional items for many business owners due to their immense advertising potential. One of the brands that had success in utilizing a custom bag with logo is Italian fashion brand, Sisley.

Custom Bag with Logo

Custom Bag with Logo

Customers will get a free branded Sisley bag whenever they purchase  $180 USD worth of products. Spotted in Vietnam airport, this bag is a classic travel retail premium for passengers.

The tote bag is made from canvas fabric with a large Sisley logo printed in the front. This bag is particularly beautiful. We love the neutral color as well as the printed design. It is encased in a glass box, which gives it a sophisticated look.

Custom promotional products such as this tote bag is a simple way to engage customers and increase sales. This is because people believe that they are getting more for their purchases.

Sisley has been producing high-quality apparel, accessories, and self-care products since 1968. Their avant-garde style is aimed primarily at young buyers. They devote passion to creating classy, trendy products that suit the modern men and women. And this is evident in their gwp merchandise.

Why We Love this Custom Bag with Logo as Travel Retail GWP

More Bang for their Buck

What better way to get people to notice your products than offering gifts with purchase? Customers love such deals where they can save money. Furthermore, they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers something extra. No matter how expensive the main product is, people are always willing to buy it if they can get an additional item at no extra cost.


Unlike giveaways, gift with purchase is offered when shoppers fulfill certain conditions. In this example, customers will only be able to obtain a promotional tote bag if they purchase $180 USD worth of products. So this basically encourages people to spend more. From a customer’s point of view, this is a “money-saving” deal because they can get 2 items for the price of one.

Upholds Quality

We love the simplicity of this canvas bag. The simple prints make it really suitable for just about any casual outfit. This is perfect for short travels and school. Simple yet trendy, it resonates perfectly with their brand image.

Custom Bag with Logo

Custom Bag with Logo

Tote and Promote

Bags are absolutely one of the best ways to get your brand into the hands of your target market. They promote the brand wherever the person goes. It makes for an effective walking billboard at a fraction of the cost of TV and billboard ads.

Design Flexibility

People, especially the younger ones, are always looking for ways to stand out. You can even infer someone’s fashion style through the bags they use. Many women prefer tote bags due to their practicality and ease of use. They are perfect for carrying lots of stuff- from groceries to books, clothes to art materials. From a designer’s perspective, they offer great opportunities to display your creative branding. They are ideal for brands that target a wide range of audiences with very diverse preferences.

Other Outstanding Marketing Ideas for Travel Retail

Aside from the gift bag, we also appreciate the effort in making their marketing copy clear and easy to understand. This does two things: drive impulse purchases and build trust.

We also noticed the display shelf where the products are neatly kept. It is well-lit and most importantly, it is nicely branded. We love the addition of LED-lighted signage on each beam.

Custom Bag with Logo

Custom Bag with Logo

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Because we want to help you boost your business, we have listed some inspiring merchandise ideas below.

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