M&S (Marks & Spencers) is currently offering an in-store merchandising bag called “Blessing Tote Bag.” The bags come in two very interesting distinctive styles and materials. Those bags were part of a gift set with different items: a bottle of Italian wine and different chocolate candies. Moreover, they developed 2 different designs. We will analyze in this article 10 reasons why M&S in-store merchandising bag rocks.

10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks

10 reasons M&S in-store merchandise bag Rocks

1. Durability of bags

Firstly, customers keep bags for a very long time. The materials of those designed by M&S are very durable. Consumers will use the bags for an average of several months, which is a tremendously long period in terms of brand visibility. Moreover, the 2 different designs are convenient for daily use.

2. Gain visibility on trade shows

Those branded promotional bags are designed with style and comfort of customers in mind. It allows the company to increase visibility among potential customers and it’s a very good idea for trade shows because it will generate more traffic to your stand.

3. Affordable marketing tool

In-store merchandising bags are the best marketing tool for companies. Indeed, the return on investment is very high compared to other marketing tools. Consumers can use the bag for several amounts of time as mentioned above.

10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks

10 reasons M&S in-store merchandise bag Rocks

4. Useful product

Those bags are functional and useful for consumers. It’s very important to develop something that your consumer will use on a daily basis. Indeed, they can use it for different purposes: to carry personal belongings for work,  sport or school,  but it can be also used as a trendy accessory or as promotional beach tote bag.

5. Trendy material

M&S has decided to use different materials. While the bag with drawstrings is fully made from canvas, the tote bag is made with a mix of fabric and burlap. The handles are made also with the same fabric. Actually, the burlap is very trendy for promotional fashionable tote bags nowadays and it’s eco-friendly.

6. Catchy colors

Visual appeal is the most important thing when you design an in-store merchandise bag for business promotions. The burlap bag looks eco-friendly while the pink color on tote bags is very punchy.

10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks

10 reasons M&S in-store merchandise bag Rocks

7. Environmental Benefits

As we all try to reduce our ecological footprint with small changes such as use water bottles instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, those bags can make a difference too. Using tote bags allows to reduce considerably the amount of plastic. That’s the reason why consumers love it!

8. Increase in sales

Consumers will be more tempted to purchase the merchandising bag because they know that they can reuse the bag but also because the bags come with chocolate assortments as part of a gift set. It’s a very smart technique to boost sales.

10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks

10 reasons M&S in-store merchandise bag Rocks

9. Increase brand awareness

As the bag can be reused on a daily basis, consumers will take it to carry different items- be it books, groceries, or personal belongings. Other people will see the name of the brand on the bag every time customers use them.

10. Customizable

Finally, those bags are fully customizable with different materials, finishes, handles, etc, and this is why the M&S bags are unique and memorable. Custom promotional bags appreciated by people and consumers love to use it!

10 reasons M&S in store merchandise bag Rocks

10 reasons M&S in-store merchandise bag Rocks

If you want to create your unique in-store merchandising bag, we will ensure that you get the perfect bag that meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our design team.


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Why in store merchandising bag are so efficient?

1. Durability of bags 2. Gain visibility on trade shows 3. Affordable marketing tool 4. Useful product 5. Trendy material 6. Catchy colors 7. Ecological purpose 8. Increase in sales 9. Increase the brand awareness 10. Customizable