Tiger Balm has had roaring success with their latest campaign seen in Singapore Airport. They have launched a promotional offer which entitles clients to a promotional offer that results in a complimentary bag with purchase.







This high quality branded promotional bag and sleek design will instantly attract clients. It’s white base and addition of small Tiger Balm branded tigers makes for a simplistic, unique but effective design that is timeless.






The famous brand Tiger Balm has been curing people’s aches and pains for over 100 years. But now they are curing people’s duty-free desires with this deal. Buy $80 worth of Tiger Balm and receive a Tiger Balm Tote Set worth S$38. This seems like an enticing offer. It’s an incredibly smart offer on their behalf too. Indeed, even though the client may not intend on buying S$80 worth of Tiger Balm goods, with a free Custom Promotional Bag they are much more likely to spend a bit more.  This is because they know they are receiving something in return. Furthermore, clients who then go on to use this bag are further marketing the Tiger Balm brand. A Branded Giveaway Idea is, therefore, a win-win strategy.

We saw another example of this success by Zadig and Voltaire in the UK:




Why we like the offer of a Branded Promotional Bag

Additional Customers: Clients are always looking at how they can get the most for their money. This deal is bound to bring in new customers who want to stretch their money further.

– Brand Awareness: This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your brand and make yourself stand out from your competitors. You can choose from a range of brand designs and shapes to target your audience and make something that is practical and increasing brand awareness. See for exemple this promotional beach tote bag that is very eye-catching.

– Increases the likelihood of Impulse Purchases: If customers are offered something free in return they are more likely to buy more than they need and buy something on impulse. This is even truer when located in Duty-Free as it seems like a ‘one-off opportunity’ that will no be available in retail outlets elsewhere.

Good Promotional Product: on duty-free one of the best complimentary items you can offer someone is a bag. People who are on the move in an airport will prefer using a sturdy bag for a plastic bag. Making them in turn more likely to purchase your product due to the practical redemption gift. Look at this Luxury free gift that is also a complimentary item.

Unique but Effective: Rather than the brand name, this bag has the Tiger Balm tiger logo on it. This is a great way for bigger well-known companies to market their brand. However, for smaller, less well-known brands it is more important to have the actual name of their brand so you build up clients brand remembrance. The wonderful thing about designing and making a branded promotional bag is that you can use either method! It is an adaptive method that you can design based on your own brand marketing capacity.

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