Custom Cardboard Standups: A Life Size Promotional Item For Your Brand

If you’re looking for a great idea to promote your brand then you might like these custom cardboard standups. A lot of brands know the marketing prowess of cardboard standups. If you happen to visit the mall or any store, chances are, you would see standees of celebrities or any known personalities endorsing a product. It is pretty evident in the promo standees of known phone brands such as Huawei, Vivo, and Samsung.

Custom Cardboard Standups: A Life Size Promotional Item For Your Brand

Custom Cardboard Standups: A Life Size Promotional Item For Your Brand

Where to Place these Custom Cardboard Standups?

It’s vital to find the perfect location for this type of display. Retailers and marketing experts recommend placing standees in prominent locations with high foot traffic such as:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Corporate Events and Trade Show Marketing
  • Store entrances
  • Malls and movie marketing
  • Concerts
  • Hotels
  • Tourist Spots
Custom Cardboard Standups: A Life Size Promotional Item For Your Brand

Custom Cardboard Standups: A Life Size Promotional Item For Your Brand

Why d0 we love these Custom Cardboard Standups?

  • Cost – Effective – PVC or Cardboard standees are usually cheap. This makes them an economical choice for marketing. Therefore, even if your marketing budget is small, you’ll always find a material will suit your needs.
  • Attracts Attention –  The life-size versions are extremely eye-catching. This draws the much-needed attention to your products or services which could mean success in the long run. Check out this great standee from Moccona.
  • Customisable – As seen on the images, these are highly customisable. Brands could shape them into any design that they like.  Also, they can be folded flat. Hence storing and transport is never an issue.

Whether you want to turn heads at a trade show, promote a new product or would like to drive attention to your brand, these custom cardboard standups are truly helpful. Overall, we highly recommend using display standees for your brand campaign.

Should you need help in creating your first custom cardboard standups, please contact the ODM team. They’ll be more than willing to assist you with any marketing or manufacturing queries you may have.

Here are other promotional displays from other brands

Guardian Health and Beauty flaunts some substantial on-premise displays outside of their store in Singapore.

This is a simple yet creative display from L’Occitane.

Lastly, copy Shell’s strategy and increase your sales.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does ODM manufacture cardboard displays?

Currently, we do not have any pending requests to manufacture POS displays. However, at ODM we specialise in Custom Promotional Products, so if you contact our sales team, we're sure we can work something out!

How effective are cardboard displays?

According to statistics published by Wirespring, a shopper makes 70%-75% of all purchase decisions when he or she is shopping inside the store. Cardboard displays can have a huge influence on a brand’s sales because this is where the consumer, the money, and the product come together.

Should I use cardboard displays even if I only have a small business?

We highly recommend using cardboard displays especially if you have a small business as it is very cost-effective!

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