Lotus is a well-loved confectionery brand internationally and is known for their Speculoos biscuits.  Though they originated in Europe, they are now available in supermarkets across Asia. I recently came across this confectionery cardboard display at a supermarket in Singapore. This display has a simple design but is an effective marketing strategy to stand out from other snack brands.

Confectionery Cardboard Display

Confectionery Cardboard Display

Here a few reasons why we love Lotus’ confectionery cardboard display and why your brand should have one as well.


Lotus’ Confectionery Cardboard Display


The brand logo is shown big and clear on the display for shoppers to recognise. Also, the display is red in colour which is their signature colour. The colour choice also captures the attention of shoppers.


The display features a teacup with a Lotus biscuit. The handle looks like an arm and is holding onto the biscuit.  The teacup is attached to the board with foam tape which makes it pop out and have a 3D effect.  Hence, this is a really creative artwork and will intrigue shoppers.

Confectionery Cardboard Display

Confectionery Cardboard Display


The tagline on the display is “Coffee’s Favourite” and “Every Coffee needs a Lotus”. They are short, simple, and catchy and shoppers will remember Lotus for their tagline.


Furthermore, we think that Lotus’s focus on being a great snack pairing with coffee shows that they understand the target market well. Coffee is a well-loved drink in Singapore and other Asian Markets, so advertising about being a “Coffee’s Favourite” is smart. In addition, there are also many biscuit brands in Singapore that are also great tea snacks. With this, Lotus is able to stand out from the Asian counterparts and other snack brands.


The display is made of cardboard which is a more cost-effective material than plastic or metal. In addition, they are very customisable and you can decide on the shape, size, and design. CMYK printing is available for carboard, so you can have as much colours you want on the display.  Lastly, using cardboard is more eco-friendly as it can be recycled after use.


Boost Sales

This cardboard POS display will capture shoppers’ attention and pique interest. In addition, having a standalone display will make the brand feel more premium and that the sale is for a limited time only. This will urge customers to purchase them. Lastly, their biscuits are not placed on the shelf with other products, which makes the brand stand out.


Areas for Improvement

Choice of Cardboard

Lotus can go with harder cardboard for the backboard of the display. As shown in the image above, the teacup part has some folded creases on it, which makes it less appealing. With a better kind of cardboard, the board will not bend as easily and creases will not be formed.


Make it stand out more

Lotus can use LED lights to make the display more attractive and eyecatching. Maybe, they can have a moving mechanism where the cup will swing. Another design suggestion is having a moving mechanism of a biscuit being dipped in the coffee.


Why should you have a Confectionery Cardboard Display?

In-store marketing and POS displays are a great way to promote your brand and reach out to customers.  They can attract customers and boost sales. Also, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. However, to be successful in marketing, the display should be well-designed. A creative POS display will make your brand stand out more and have a better brand image.


How ODM can help

ODM group has done lots of custom POS displays for companies around the world. We can help with designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality POS displays and free-standing display units. Also, we have a team of designers that can help you with brainstprming creative and interesting designs to make your brand stand out.

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