Nestle turned heads with their customized end cap display in a grocery store in the Philippines. We like everything about this store fixture because it is meaningful, eye-catching, and professionally-designed. If you are looking to promote your products through a promotional display, it is critical to work with a professional POS display manufacturer. They will help you make the best out of your marketing budget by choosing the best materials and manufacturing processes for your end cap displays.

End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays

What Makes this End Cap Display Stand Out?

Colors –  It is a great idea to use the brand color because they create a finer brand remembrance.

Eye-Catching Shape – Nestle’s point of sale display features a unique shape that is hard to ignore. It resembles a Christmas tree and features a bowl of fruit salad on top of the custom POP display.

End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays

Products Fit Perfectly on the Shelves – The products are neatly arranged on the shelves, making the display look even more pleasing to the eyes of customers.

Informative – One of the beams features the brand’s website so customers can visit them anytime they want, thus increasing their online presence.


With the right design, we believe that you, too, can achieve the same success as Nestle Creme. However, if you do not know where to start, it is very crucial to consult a professional. Here, at ODM, we can help you create the best end cap displays for your business.


What are End Cap Displays?

End cap displays are display fixtures at the end of a gondola shelf or at the ends of an aisle. In the retail world, the products displayed on the end cap are called “feature.” This is a great way to maximize store space, encourage impulse purchase, and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

They consist of three important parts: the top, middle, and bottom. The top part is where you position your signage so it serves as a call to action.

Below is a list of brilliant end cap display examples from three different brands!


Eleva’s Gondola End Display

We like all the little details on Eleva’s gondola end display. Firstly, the signage is protruding, creating a 3D effect.

End Cap Display

End Cap Display


Secondly, they used LED lights to emphasize some key information about their product. Through this, customers can see that the brand has received EU Organic and Denmark Organic Certifications. We also like the use of faux grass because it helped reinforce their image as an organic and safe product.

End Cap Display

End Cap Display

Colgate End Cap Display

End Cap Displays

Colgate’s custom end cap display is one of the best displays we have seen. The display’s convex shape adds a distinct character. It also juts out, so it is eye-catching.


End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays

Colgate’s three-tiered display showcases different variants of Colgate toothpaste and mouthwash. The lowest shelf is labeled “Whitening,” while the middle shelf is labeled “Multiprotection.” Lastly, the upper shelf ‘s beam is branded “Sensitive.” This simple design feature effectively guides customers in choosing the right product that suits their needs.


Wrigley’s Gondola End Cap Display

This massive end cap display showcases Wrigley’s products on promotion. Their POS display is simple and custom made to ensure that the products will not fall off the shelves.

End Cap Displays

End Cap Displays


Benefits of End Cap Displays

Are you thinking of using end cap display fixtures to augment your in-store promotions? Below, we share the important benefits of having end cap displays:

  • Command Attention: Found at the end of a long display fixture, an end cap display can help you showcase your products in the most strategic spot of a retail store.
  • Flexibility of Design: The ability to be fashioned into any shape or size is one of its strengths.
  • Room for creativity: End cap displays can take up more space than other retail store displays without blocking customers’ way. As such, it offers room for creativity, allowing marketers to showcase their products in a more pleasing way.
  • Encourages Impulse Buying: Since they are located in strategic locations, products are easy to spot, encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. As such, marketers can expect higher sales.


So, would an end cap POS display help boost your marketing strategy? If so, get in touch with a POS display manufacturer today. Here, at ODM, we can help you make the most out of your limited marketing budget by sourcing promotional products. We also perform stringent quality control for marketing gifts to ensure they are made according to your branding requirements.


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What are end cap displays?

End cap displays are display fixtures at the end of a gondola shelf or at the ends of an aisle. In the retail world, the products displayed on the end cap are called feature. This is a great way to maximize store space, encourage impulse purchase, and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

What are the benefits of using end cap displays for your business?

End cap displays are often found in strategic spots around the shops. As such, they help enhance the brand's visibility, drive impulse buys, and ultimately increase sales.

How much does it cost to manufacture end cap displays?

The cost depends on the type of material, size, minimum order quantity, and complexity of the design.

How long does it take to manufature an end cap display?

Lead times may vary depending on the materials, quantity, and complexity of designs. As such, it is important to ask quotations from your prospective POS display manufacturers before starting with your project. This will help you allocate your marketing budget wisely.