Even with the increasing importance of online retail, research suggests that traditional brick-and-mortar stores remain a highly relevant market. As such, in-store promotions remain critical in attracting consumers to a brand. Eye-catching in-store displays will attract the attention of customers, and help increase the sales of a product.

For example, Enus, a Vietnamese pen company, uses an effective in-store display that jumps at the customer.

In-Store Displays

Beautiful In-Store Displays Leave Customers Buzzing

So, why do In-Store Displays attract so many consumers?

  • Visibility: In-Store Displays are typically stand-alone displays, which help it stand out from the crowd. This would make it more visible to a customer, who would see the freestanding display unit ahead of other products.
  • Increased Advertising Options: A private in-store display would allow you to market a wider range of products. There is also the space and freedom provided to highlight the main features of a product. Therefore, the company can focus on what really sells.
  • Driving Impulse Purchase: In-Store Displays improve the visibility of your product, which would promote impulse buying. This is done by placing the focus clearly on what you are selling, and being in the customers’ faces.
  • Effective use of space: In-Store POS display units and use space efficiently, and is also effective as the space does not need to be shared with competitors.

Therefore, based on the above analysis, the effects of a good In-Store Display are wide ranging, and would certainly help to improve the sales of any product.

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