In this time of mass production and competitiveness, it is essential to stand out from the competitors. Maybelline adopted a simple but efficient way to differentiate its products by using an in-store POS display.

In-Store POS Display by Maybelline to Boost Visibility

In-Store POS Display by Maybelline to Boost Visibility

As you can see from the photo there is visually a clear separation between the lipsticks of the concerned brand and those in the background. There we can find other outstanding beauty brands as Nivea and Carmex, but you would hardly notice them unless you were looking for them on purpose.

We can describe the materials and the structure of the in-store POS display with two key words: low-cost and intuitive. The cardboard used as frame doesn’t require any high investment but at the same time seems solid and resistant. The graphics is eclectic with some frills and a lively colour rose, and the general partition and structure is basic, intuitive and also well-studied. Every different category has its own space with a dedicated label and price tag. The customers that stops at the POS can easily understand what kind of product they are in front to and where to find what they are looking for.

This is a very good example of simple in-store POS display that works perfectly for its purpose to boost visibility.

How would your company benefit from this In-store Pos display?

  1. Advertising products: A private and dedicated POS permits you to offer the customer a larger range of products. Moreover, you are given enough space and freedom to advertise and highlight the main features of your products.
  2. Brand exposure: People that need a lipstick but are no familiar with beauty products are more likely to buy from a POS. Simply people are more likely to buy brand they have listened or seen before. We are sure that few POS displays located in different locations, would create the same effect of familiarity.
  3. Higher sales rate: You just need to look at the photo, although both Nivea and Maybelline are very popular all over the world, the predominance in sales in this supermarket belongs to the American company. As we have already noticed, there is no comparison between the exposure of the products of Maybelline and the others.

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