Creating an effective custom floor display is an art form which takes careful planning and consideration. Many companies do not produce a powerful enough design to gain mass attention. However, the confectionary giant Haribo has skillfully crafted this free-standing display unit (FSDU) which is capturing the curiosity of customers!


How could a custom floor display benefit you?

Custom Floor Display

Custom Floor Display

  • Placement – By constructing a mobile display, you can strategically place it in the best spots for profit maximisation. For example, this FDSU display could be placed at the party or snack aisle to take full advantage of customers who are impulse buying lots of treats for their much-anticipated celebrations. Additionally, an effective placement for this display would be next to checkouts because this little temptation will encourage customers to make a last-minute purchase while they are waiting to be served.
  • Adding Value – By making the extra effort to present your products on an FSDU for your customers, they will appreciate the care you put in to make sure they look appealing to them. Additionally, by investing in a stand-alone display to showcase your products, customers will believe that you spend more on your products to distinguish them from competitors. This suggests to your customers that it’s likely you go beyond the expectations for regular companies to ensure your products are the best they can possibly be.
  • Prominence – People are drawn to objects that stand out from the norm. Therefore, a refreshing custom floor display is the perfect way to grab their attention! By designing a merchandising floor display that cannot be missed, not only will customers not be able to leave any shop without purchasing your products, but they will also be able to easily identify your brand from huge distances.
  • Competitive Edge – One of the greatest benefits of creating a custom floor display is that you don’t have to share advertising space with your competitors. This means you will stand out from the crowd because you will have an entire stand dedicated to your products. As a result, customers cannot even consider choosing competitors products as an alternative because they are nowhere near to be seen!



How could Haribo’s display be improved?

Custom Floor Display

Custom Floor Display


  • Captivation – To become more eye-catching to customers, Haribo could adopt a marketing LED display. Not only do creative LED displays engage consumers, but they also make your brand more memorable too. For inspiration, here is a very successful custom floor display design that includes LEDs by Heineken:


  • Tailored Marketing – Haribo could take a leaf out of Lif Kun’s book by designing some promotional gifts for kids. As Haribo’s end consumer is mainly children, adding free gifts that target them will encourage them to ask their parents to make a purchase.


  • Eco-friendly approach – Many customers are now beginning to recognise the importance of how companies impact the environment. As a result, they avoid businesses that negatively influence the delicate balance of nature. Therefore, you could take the initiative to design your FSDU out of cardboard because not only is it recyclable, but it’s also cost effective and will delight your customers!


In Conclusion

Utilising a custom floor display to gain brand exposure is simple, all you need is raw materials and a venue. However, the difference between going unnoticed or becoming the next sensation is whether or not you strategically plan and design your display. Promotional displays are very versatile; you can create extremely cost-effective and recyclable cardboard stands or even an LED promotional display to wow your customers!


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