Check out this one-of-a-kind branded FSDU by Royal Salute. Spotted at Duty Zero by cdf, the freestanding display unit stood out due to its unique and captivating design. The brand is currently promoting their Beach Polo edition, hence the Polo-inspired display. Royal Slaute’s newest release was created as part of their annual Polo celebration, which is why their freestanding display is custom designed to reflect the occasion.

Branded FSDU

Branded FSDU

The goal of using a branded FSDU is to stimulate impulse purchases. As products are showcased in a pleasing and distinctive manner, shoppers are encouraged to make a purchase. Visually appealing shop displays are also designed to convince customers to make additional purchases. And placing them near checkout counters will serve as the final push for customers to buy the products.

Here’s What We Love About This Branded FSDU

  • Meaningful Message: As the brand is celebrating 21 years of Beach Polo, they have created a free standing shop display associated with the sport. Using Polo as their main theme boosted their visibility inside the airport shopping center. Whiskey and Polo enthusiasts will likely to consider their new product as the design resonate with their lifestyle.
  • Upholds Reputation: The tagline “A Celebration of the Sport of Kings” makes it look as if the product is a luxury item. In addition, Royal Salute is popular in the Polo world, in fact, they also support Polo tournaments every year.
Branded FSDU

Branded FSDU

  • Custom Design: The Players and palm trees (made out of acrylic) lend a beach vibe while the polo stick and ball added texture the otherwise flat 2D images. The props denote action and skill. The use of such items within the display easily distinguishes Royal Salute from other brands. In doing so, they exposed the brand to many shoppers especially to sports enthusiasts.
  • Brand Placement: For this promotion, Royal Salute’s bottle is custom-designed blue decanter. The Polo players embossed on the bottle not only added texture but effectively showed the connection of Royal Salute to the sport. Although there weren’t any actual bottle in sight, the brand had successfully showcased their new bottle design through their LED POS display.
  • Materials: Royal salute opted for wood for the body of the display and LED lighted adverts to illuminate the whole ensemble. The posters also provided crucial information about the product as well as reinforce their tagline for this particular promotion.


More Cool Features of this Branded FSDU

Acrylic Display– Atop the free standing display is an acrylic POP display that contains their sales copy. This augmented their marketing as it explains what their promotion is all about. What’s great with this display is that the advert can be changed so merchandisers can still use them for their next campaign.

QR Codes- There were also QR codes so members can gain access to their “Exclusive Offer.” This interactive way of marketing and advertising has helped so many brands build stronger online and in-store following. QR codes allows for faster access to information and promotes faster brand engagement. As such, this is a cost-effective marketing tactic for small and large brands alike.

A good example would be these QR code bracelets. Brands can give away some of these during trade shows or use them as commuter gifts. Charities could also benefit from this tactic. All customers have to do is scan the code with their smartphone and they will be redirected to the website within a few seconds. With these, they would be able to learn more about the product or services the brand or organization is offering.


Indeed, Royal Salute did great in their airport promotion and this is partly due to their eye-catching and meaningful branded FSDU. All the elements, materials, and brand positioning helped them achieve a visually appealing and engaging promotion.

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