It’s never a doubt, Disneyland is the most magical place in the whole world. The place is full of princes, princesses, castles, and more enchanting sights. Thousands of people flock the theme park every single day. Kids, adults, and kids at heart enjoy this place. And when you set foot in a touristy place such as Disneyland, you would want to have a tangible souvenir of the park. Thus, these branded snapback caps are there to complete the experience. Keen to create your own branded cap to promote your business? Hiring a promotional cap manufacturer could help your brand in many ways.

Promotional Cap Manufacturer - Disneyland's Marketing Campaign

Promotional Cap Manufacturer – Disneyland’s Exclusive Merchandise

Promotional Cap Manufacturer: Why Should Your Brand Use This Promotional Item?

Promotional caps are an excellent choice to market your brand because they are easy to spot during events or crowded areas. Also, this type of hat is more appealing to the youth because of its preppy design compared to other headgear. Furthermore, this item makes a great promotional giveaway product for outdoor parties and festivals.


Why Do We Love Disneyland’s Promotional Cap?

  • Practicality – Theme parks tend to get hot sometimes especially during the summer. So, Disneyland’s custom cap idea is perfect because it’s practical and people will immediately use it. As a result, the brand is effortlessly being promoted to the crowd which contributes to the park’s marketing efforts.
  • Branding Opportunity – Once you’re no longer in the park, The cap is still perfect for everyday use. So, we highly suggest printing a clear brand name, logo, or other brand visuals on the front for greater brand exposure. You can use any printing technique as long as the print is clear and recognizable.
  • Design – The dark colour of the cap depicts a vibe of a hip and fashionable item. It may look dark but if you look closely, the hat has various shades and texture. Also, the Disneyland logo is embroidered into the material, thus, ensuring a longer-lasting brand visibility.

So, if you would like to boost your brands in a more subtle way, caps are the best way to go. Simply create a stunning design and people will wear them everyday.


Why hire a Promotional Cap Manufaturer?

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your branded merchandise are of top quality and durable. You want to get the best out of your marketing gifts. One way to ensure the quality of your custom branded merchandise is by hiring a promotional cap manufacturer. As they have all the tools, manpower, and expertise, they can help you realize the design you have in mind at a time manner. While you can order one-offs at some online sites, a promotional cap manufacturer can help you design and customize your caps. Moreover, you can save more especially when you place bulk orders.

If you would like to create your own branded promotional cap or hat, please don’t hesitate to contact ODM. Our product designers will help you conceptualise a design that is perfect for your brand. We work closely with factories so you can be sure that the merchandise are made according to your business requirements. Again, hit us up and we’ll be happy to help you with your marketing journey.


Still not convinced? Here are some brands that use caps as part of their marketing campaign

Promotional caps are among the best marketing tools you have at your disposal. They have high perceived value and great visibility. Anyone that comes across someone wearing one of these promotional caps will become more familiar with your logo and better aware of your business.


Purchase 2 pairs of jeans (or just one pair plus an additional $10 as a PWP promo) and you receive a hat of your choice.  This is a great deal because customers would surely buy the pants to save on the cap.

Anyone who wears your promotional cap become familiar with the brand and their logo, as these caps are customised. People love these premium gifts which makes the brand more desirable. Also, it’s something that isn’t a for one-time use hence making the gift practical