Boo! Are you ready for the scariest time of the year? Halloween is a holiday celebrated annually on 31 October. Originating from a Celtic festival to ward off ghosts, it has evolved over time to become a day of fun festivities. Despite the many notable activities and icons such as trick-or-treating and candied apples, the signature icon of Halloween is undoubtedly the Jack-O-Lantern. Today in this blog, we will take a look at this interesting Halloween costume giveaway spotted in a store in China.

Halloween Costume Giveaway

What is this Halloween Costume Giveaway

This Jack-O-Lantern Toy was found in the candy section of a retail store. Given to children to carry for trick-or-treating, it can be used to hold the sweets and chocolates that the children will receive.

Halloween Costume Giveaway

What we found special about this item is that there is a Halloween Costume giveaway with every candy bucket purchased! Each Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bucket comes with an electric candle and a witch hat and cloak! The electric candle will light up the Jack-O-Lantern, giving the toy a surprise fun factor that children will love even more. The witch costume is also a wonderful promotional giveaway that will enchant children and customers as they pass by. They will absolutely be bewitched with the idea of dressing up to have an immersive Halloween experience.

Why we love this Halloween Costume Giveaway

Halloween Costume Giveaway

Full package: This Halloween costume giveaway perfectly fits the theme of Halloween. The Jack-O-Lantern that can be used to carry sweets, and a costume that comes with it! It spares parents the effort of hunting high and low for a costume for their children and then worrying about a candy holder.

Attracts Customers: People are always looking for new and fun ways to spice up their holiday experiences. With such a novelty item being offered as a Halloween promotion, they will definitely be attracted. Customers will feel the urge to make impulse purchases to take part in this promotion, driving up sales.

Safe to use: The electrical candle that comes with the lantern is safer for use than an open flame candle. An open flame candle risks setting nearby objects alight. Halloween decorations and costumes in particular are exposed, easily causing a fire hazard. Children are especially high at risk, as they will not be paying as much attention during this fun holiday. An electric candle is certainly reassuring for parents.

Customizable: The Jack-O-Lantern toy that is meant to be purchased can be customized to meet your company’s needs. With ample space for branding, your logo can be printed as you wish. The colours and the shape of the lantern’s smile can also be changed. In addition, the customers themselves can use their creativity to draw on the lantern.

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When is Halloween?

Halloween falls on 31st October every year.

What is trick-or-treating?

On Halloween night, children get dressed in costumes and go around their neighborhood, usually in groups accompanied by an adult. They knock on the door of their neighbors while yelling “Trick or Treat?” The neighbors open the door and give out candy or small treats such as stickers or pencils.

What are traditional Halloween characters?

Halloween is filled with a whole host of characters. Meet vampires, mummies, witches and ghosts, black cats, spiders, monsters and skeletons.