At ODM, we love conducting factory visits as we could to learn more about our suppliers. This year, we successfully conducted many industrial visits and we were happy to learn more about the manufacturing process behind every custom promotional merchandise and POS display units. These visits have built trust and maintained a close relationship with out suppliers. The story was never different today. This time, we went on a visit to a keychain manufacturer in China.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China

With 12 years of experience in this sector, this particular keychain manufacturer in China is among the frontiers in production. Their products were highly appraised and approved by customers from the field of fabrication, garments, and home-fitting productions.


In this industrial blog, we will give you an overview of how keychains, lanyards, and zippers are manufactured.



A brand’s success depends on its brand marketer’s creativity. However, they should also consider their marketing budget. Keychains are a low-cost creative promo gift idea for many companies.

Brands should offer a variety of giveaways to their loyal customers and keychains are among them. Keychains can help improve brand exposure and recognition through meaningful designs and functionalities. Keychain manufacturers in China can help you with engraving brand logos and creating custom shapes, which gives the keychain a premium look.

By having high-quality promotional gifts, such as keychains, customers will have more faith in your company because they get something in return. This helps to drive sales.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China


Lanyards tend to be one of the best promotional products today. They may be small but they offer great advertising benefits. Lanyards act as a quirky way to promote your brand. It is an easily customizable product and can be printed with desired logos. It is also possible to add other unique features as well.

We believe that lanyards make great promotional giveaways for business. Lanyards can be given to employees to hold their ID cards, brand ambassadors, and trade show attendees. They can be given at the time of promotional events or meets to increase brand popularity. Lanyards can help customers to recognize the brand better and this, in turn, can help a company gain customer loyalty.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China


Custom zippers may not be common promotional products, but they still make an impact in getting your marketing campaign on the right track.

Keychain manufacturers in China developed these zip pullers with enough surface area to engrave your brand logo on. They are noticeable and can easily convey your message to the customer at a glance. These are the cost-effective ways to spread brand awareness and increase the perceived promotional value.


Key Procedures in Making Zippers, Lanyards, and Keychains

Manufacturing Keychains

Forming the Chains and Key Ring

Raw materials are substances or materials needed for the manufacturing of goods and are readily available in the factory. The image below shows the wires needed to create the chain portion of the keychain.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China – Raw Material

Pictured below are the wires that are bent and molded to form the split rings of the keychain.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China



In this process, yarns are weaved to create strips of durable fabric for the keychains. There are two types of webbing: flat and tubular, with each type serving different functions.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China – Webbing

They can be made out of cotton, linen, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester. Flat webbing can be found in seatbelts and backpack straps. Meanwhile, tubular is used in climbing and other industrial applications. They are abrasion-resistant, can withstand wear and tear, and have high durability. 


Manufacturing Zippers

Zipper Teeth Moulding:

The factory we visited also manufactures zippers and yarn requirements. The factory offers yarns with many eye-catching sets of colors, styles, and sizes. 

Zippers are categorized according to their teeth such as nylon coil, plastic molded, and metal zipper. As the name implies nylon coil zipper is nylon coiled to form a teeth. You are most likely to find these categories where luggage is a bit heavier. These zippers are easy to repair if teeth get misaligned. 

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China

Plastic molded zippers are versatile and are made from acetal polymer to shape the teeth. These types are used in handbags and other storage accessories. They are mainly design oriented to attract the audience. They have decent strength but the repair is difficult when teeth break over time.

Metal zippers come in different styles and finish. They can be brass, nickel, copper, and even gunmetal. The material is chosen accordingly with the consideration of how the final product might look. They are mostly found in denim jeans and other luxury items where finish should be smooth.



Sewing is the craft of attaching objects using stitches. With sewing is automated in this factory and the sewing pattern is computerized.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China – Sewing

The basic sewing machine setup only needs cloth, measuring tape, thread, needle, and sewing shears. They vary accordingly with the complex mechanisms.


Injection Moulding (for plastic parts):

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for manufacturing parts by injecting molten material into a mold. They are widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest components such as zips, keychains, and lanyard clips. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic parts. 

Keychain Manufacturers in China

In the injection molding machine, the raw material is melted then injected into the mold. Here cooling is carried and the final product is obtained by ejection. 

Die Casting (for metal parts):

Die casting is similar to injection molding. In this type of metal casting process, the molten material is forced into a mold cavity by high pressure. The most common materials used in this process are copper, zinc, aluminum, and tin-based alloys. Based on the material type, hot or cold chambers are used.  Manufacturing of products through die casting is quite simple. They are widely used for large quantity manufacturing of small components. The final product is accurate with a good surface finish.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China


End Process

Auto & Manual Assembling:

The factory uses fully-automated machines to form the keychains, lanyards, and zippers. This makes the process easy to operate with high efficiency and stability. These machines significantly reduce manufacturing costs by effectively saving labor costs. Hence, they are effective in every aspect.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China


Manual assembly is carried out for special types of pullers such as electroplated, string pulled, mixed colors as they needed to be attached with screws and rivets.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturers in China- Manual Assembling


After Production

Inspection & Quality Control:

Tools and machines should be re-calibrated and maintained periodically. Keychain manufacturers in China carry all sorts of inspection to preserve the quality of goods. They ensure inspections were carried out at regular intervals. Storage areas for raw materials and finished goods should be clean and hygienic. They always do regular maintenance and inspection checks of warehouses. This is to avoid inconsistency in the quality of products.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China


The manufacturer has a separate unit for the packing of finished goods. Proper care is being observed when delivering products to customers.

Keychain Manufacturers in China

Keychain Manufacturer in China

To Conclude…

Metal hardware such as zippers, lanyards, and keychains undergo many different stages before they reach the consumers. So to ensure that your accessories are of top quality, it is very important to work with professional and accredited keychain manufacturers in China.

At ODM, we not only specialize in the promotional gifts and manufacturing of high-quality products, but we also help evaluate factories through factory visits and SEDEX audits. We also work closely with our suppliers and designers. Furthermore, our team has vast knowledge of creative design and offers reliable products at budget-friendly costs. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can help with innovative branded promotional products and promotional product designs for your business.


If you are interested in looking for a keychain manufacturer in China, contact us today! Do quote the factory code Factory-2145.

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