Custom Design Display By Tous Les Jour In Celebration of Halloween

Joining the spooky season is Tous Les Jour Vietnam with their custom design display to get customers to celebrate with them! The custom display stand  is in orange, the color of Halloween, promoting loaves of bread that are specially curated for the festive holiday!

Custom Design Display

Custom Design Display

The design cutely portrays their special Halloween-themed bread lying on the ghost as their background. Certainly appropriate for this period!


Custom Design Display

Custom Design Display

They decorated the muffins with Bats and ‘Happy Halloween’ greeting tag, which set the spooky mood. Moreover, price tags are created in line with the holiday.


Why Include Festive Custom Design Display in Your Marketing Campaign?

  • Inclusiveness – the custom display gives brands a way to relate back to their consumers. By doing so, brands stay competitive by knowing how to connect with their customers. Moreover, it is a good time to reward customers through exclusive promotional offers. Hence, brands can certainly remain on top of their game in the industry.
  • Leveraging on Occasion to Increase Sales – Shoppers who patronize the bakery have the intention to buy. With such ongoing one-time promotions, they would be more inclined to purchase. Hence, they are more willing to spend which increases overall sales.
  • Increased Visibility – With the festive mood, there will be simply more potential customers to attract. By implementing special marketing strategies, it can garner attention and increased visibility. Therefore, the custom design display can totally improve on brand image and association during festive occasions for its innovative advertising. Here’s how a bookstore in Vietnam managed to improve consumer traffic:

Cool Halloween Promotion Catches the Eye! – How Good In-store Display Drives Traffic


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