GS25 in Vietnam celebrates this festive season with its own custom design Halloween-Themed retail product display. To have a wide selection of brands on sales certainly is GS25 way of not tricking – but treating consumers!

Retail Product Display

Retail Product Display

On the POS display stand, there are also mini custom shelf talkers indicating the discounted prices for respective items! Joined by actual product images, it certainly reduced foreigners like me to use google translate to understand what is ongoing.

Why Is This Retail Product Display Useful To Brands?

  • Increased Visibility – As October is the month of Halloween, consumers will definitely look out for any promotions related to Halloween. This promotional method by GS25 definitely helped brands to outshine the strong competition. Hence, leveraging on the holiday season combined with aesthetically pleasing visuals, the custom display rack will certainly boost brand visibility.
  • Higher Sales – The mini shelf talkers and retail product display stick out like a sore thumb (in a positive way) in the store. Curiosity will certainly pique as consumers check out what is the latest and current on-going promotions. Therefore, items on the custom display stand will undoubtedly see high sales.
  • Finer Brand Remembrance – By associating Halloween-themed promotions to brands, consumers will surely remember the treats from GS25! Leveraging on such festive occasions is a good marketing tactic that other brands can consider, given the benefits. Read about how beer brands celebrate Oktober Fest with massive unique inflatable display for finer brand remembrance!


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