Chinese New year is coming up and various stores around China are sporting the famous red and gold throughout their in-store display. Here is a great example from Americas own Walmart, with this incredibly festive store design.

In Store Display by Walmart: Chinese New Year

In-Store Display by Walmart: Chinese New Year

Shoppers are welcomed into this festive wonderland as soon as they enter the doors and what an introduction it is! These vibrant and Chinese-themed hanging decorations really set the ambience. In central isles, various impulse purchases take their place, with numerous monkey themed products to celebrate the year of the monkey.


In-Store Display by Walmart: Chinese New Year

The shelves continue the theme with endless amounts of products available for decorations, cleverly located near checkouts, acting as great POS displays.

How themed in-store displays can help your brand:

  • Generate Sales. A well designed and implemented in-store displays should play a massive part in generating sales. Whether it be to catch the eye of a potential consumer, catalyst an impulse buy or simply to offer a means to look, these are all positives that should significantly contribute to generating sales- especially when considered more of a pos display. Here is a great example of aluminium wallets packaged in Lai See packets distributed by Hello Kitty. The products are cleverly branded and supported by a tall and clean carrier.
In Store Display by Walmart: Chinese New Year

In-Store Display by Walmart: Chinese New Year

  • Brand Awareness. In-store displays play a massive part in getting your brand out there. If supported by a positive and fun display, this will only help your brand image, as well as improving brand recognition. Walmart and Hello Kitty will benefit from this, tailoring their product portfolio to the Asian consumer.
  • Promotion. Displays, in general, offer a superbly direct channel for promotion. Whether it be a new product launch, a sales promotion or even an event coming up, it allows a great way of getting the details out there!

We have launched our own Chinese New Year themed product, that will be gifted free with all sample orders and given out at various trade shows in the coming weeks.


How can ODM help?

Keen on creating your very in-store displays, contact ODM today! At ODM, we have years of experience in fabricating in-store displays, drinks promotions campaigns and promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products or let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand, and utilise your 2016 marketing budget. Our ever-expanding POS display portal offers numerous case studies and examples that can be applied to your brand, check it out.


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