The future is here: using innovative digital POS displays and mixing technology-enabled experiences in physical stores with internet or mobile sales components, is now a top-trend.

The remarkable fringe branded Wall’s, with digital screen on the front size, has recently attracted our attention on the trade show in Hong Kong. Not just an ice-cream fridge, but a unique point-of-sale display: with eye-catching and colourful animated advertising messages, it will not let you just pass through.

Wall’s is a famous ice cream brand owned by Unilever conglomerate, and their creative and smart idea of using the door of the refrigerator as a place for digital advertisements will definitely be successful.

How can Digital POS Display be used in your marketing?

Today’s market is offering a large variety of digital advertising displays ranging in size from small video cards till huge screens several meters height. These smaller sized digital advertising displays bring visuals or videos to areas in-store that were never before possible and are ideal for integrating into POS displays to get your brands message across to your target audience. See how Adidas have applied them in their stores:

Marketing Innovation: Digital POS Display

Marketing Innovation: Digital POS Display

The high quality, low cost screens are available with various options to suit your digital requirements and have such benefits as:

  • Numerous buttons, which can be built into the frame to trigger the specific video content.
  • Possibility to be remotely updated via WIFI simultaneously from one location
  • High brightness and HD versions
  • Portrait or Landscape orientation
  • Multiple input options – USB, SD Card, etc.
  • Battery powered options activated by motion sensor or push button
  • Built-in double audio stereo speakers
  • Colour coded and branded frames available.

Digital screens can be found both in in-store and outdoor marketing. They will be a perfect decoration for your shop window as well: see Chanel example.

Marketing Innovation: Digital POS Display

Marketing Innovation: Digital POS Display

The most updated digital POS displays can automatically change the message by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store in the chain, update displays as the inventory changes, removing promotions as the stock runs out, or swap messages automatically based on the time of day or even the gender and age of the person viewing right now.

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