Guinness impressed us with their one-of-a-kind on-premise advertising. Their POS display charger is an interesting piece that is not only beautiful but functional as well. Its main selling feature: it can charge several devices at once! This one is certainly an innovative marketing idea you should check out.

On Premise Advertising

On Premise Advertising

This POs display is making rounds even in the internet! The iconic harp logo of Guinness stood out as the brand name at the base lights up. USB ports are available for customers to use.

On Premise Advertising

On Premise Advertising

This custom branded POS display charger is absolutely one of the best beer marketing ideas we have seen so far. This marketing strategy combines two cool things: a charging dock and a customized beer tap. We love how this beautiful decor helps generate sales by attracting people to buy drinks and recharge their devices at the same time. Its uniqueness also give customers something to talk about.

On Premise Advertising

On Premise Advertising


Why This POS Display Charger is a Great On-Premise Advertising Strategy

1. Functional

More than just a display, this custom charging dock is truly helpful for customers who need to replenish their battery juice. No running out of battery with this display. Having a charging port in your bar and restaurant gives you an edge over others. People will come to your establishment not just for drinks but for the excellent services you offer.

2. Stimulates Brand Engagement

Top of mind awareness is what every brand strives for. Thus, it is important to be seen and having a POS display that showcases your logo will leave a good impression on customers. So as customers wait for their drink to arrive, they can plug in their devices to recharge. Using the emergency charger for a few minutes ensures that the company gains daily exposure.

3. Online Presence

What we love about this display by Guinness is its uniqueness. People will not hesitate to take a look at it and use it. Furthermore, with social media becoming an integral part of our culture, others might take photos of it and upload it to their social media accounts. Thus, further improving the brand’s online presence.

4. Better Brand Recognition

With this multi-functional POS display, Guinness becomes easier to remember. Once customers see Guinness logo they will immediately recall the time they use the charger and the place where they found it. It’s a win-win for the beer brand and the establishment.


Other Amazing On-Premise Promotions

Aside from this POS display charger, we also love the custom beer tap handles displayed in the bar. We easily recognize some of them. We spotted Pepsi, Doom Bar, Hop House 13, and Pravha. These beer taps served as point of sale for marketing drinks and they make it easier for customers to remember them.

On Premise Advertising

On Premise Advertising


Guinness definitely won a lot of customers with their eye-catching and practical on-premise advertising. It positioned their brand in a more interesting light. Giving their display new function also improved improved their perceived value. Furthermore, the bar it was found in will gain positive word of mouth. Customers who have been to their premise would probably recommend this place to their friends.


How ODM Can Help You Improve Your On-Premise Advertising?

The ODM Group has years of experience in the promotional product industry. We can help you design and source POS displays for your on-premise promotions, in-store advertising, and outdoor advertising. Our product designers and merchandisers are always here to help you out. Contact our team today!


Other Excellent On-Premise Advertising Examples

This Carlo Rossi umbrella stand would be perfect for venue marketing as this not only served as an umbrella holder but an excellent POS display as well.


We certainly love the use of barrels as advertisement display. Not only are they cost-effective but they also are environment friendly. Take a look at this example:


For St. Patrick’s Day Guinness is giving away a promotional t-short and hat. Holiday promotions are a great way to expose your brand and that is why Guinness have taken advantage of this special occasion!


Guinness released a limited-edition free glass gift in celebration of Rugby World Cup. Read on this blog to know why we love this promotion:


If you need new beer marketing ideas, then why not use a barrel shape dispenser to distinguish your brand from competitors? Here’s why it’s an amazing idea:


Beer buckets are a fantastic gift with purchase with drinks because not only are they practical, they also serve as a souvenir for your customers. Giving away something as useful as a beer bucket improves the perceived value of your brand.


Check out Heineken’s custom beer products for St. Patrick’s Day. We certainly love their holiday-themed giveaways. Read on to learn why we love this strategy: