Using POS displays is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the rest. An effective point of sale display is one that stays in the mind of customers. Check out this excellent custom shop display by Strongbow Apple Ciders. The massive custom shop display is hard to miss.

Custom Shop Display

Custom Shop Display

What we love about this drinks POS is the complementing colors and the materials used. Moreover, the size and the way the products are presented look appealing.


Here’s why We Love Strongbow’s Custom Shop Display

1. Colors That Suit Their Line of Products

The colors are refreshing to the eyes while the prominent Strongbow logo is calling the attention of customers from the opposite side of the store. They maintained a cohesive visual appeal by using green and earth tones, a nod to their brand image.

2. Artificial Grass 

We certainly love the use of artificial grass in their custom POS display. From afar it looks like real grass  and that helped their brand stood out from other products in the fridge section. Having something different in the display helps to distinguish their products from the rest. Curious shoppers might decide to come and examine whether real grass was used.

Custom Shop Display

Custom Shop Display

3. Size That Commands Attention

Bigger is better, they say. With bigger and customized pop retail display, Strongbow was able to impress passersby. And these curious onlookers could become potential buyers in no time. Bigger and bolder displays may “distract” customers, directing their attention towards their products. This gains their brand “massive marketing edge.”

4. Visual and Textile

Strongbow displayed their products in a way that would stimulate their customers’ senses. One, the colors are revitalizing. As people are visual creatures, their attention is captured right away. The colors will pull them in and once they are in front of the display, they will be amazed by the grass installation- checking if those were real or not. What happened shows how POS displays can stimulate brand-customer engagement.

Custom Shop Display

Custom Shop Display

5. Materials

Wood was a good choice of material for the frames. It complements the brand image and reinforces their brand message. It looks natural and it’s long lasting compared to corrugated cardboard, which is commonly used in POS displays. Moisture from the fridge could damage cardboard easily, which is why wood is the best material for this frame.


Our takeaways…

Indeed, this merchandise display by Strongbow is an excellent example of point of sale marketing. The colors are not only easy on the eyes, but they uphold brand reputation of being natural.

Strongbow continuously impress us with their eye-catching and awe-inspiring store displays. Here’s one of their massive and eye-catching display to reinforce their brand image.

A huge POS display along the aisle greets customers in Vietnam. It’s made out of cardboard, yet it is strong and durable.


In conclusion…

How you present your products is as important as the products you are selling. Having a custom made custom shop display will not only help you to stand out, but it will also uphold brand reputation and create better brand recognition. And Strongbow did a great job pushing their brand to the front lines with their huge marketing POS display.


How The ODM Group Can Help You Create the Best Custom Shop Display…

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