Promoting their Polo Edition, Royal Salute showcased their limited-edition whiskey in a simple, yet sleek marketing POS display.

Marketing POS Display

Marketing POS Display

While the highlight of the marketing POS dsiplay is their 21-year old whiskey Beach Polo Edition, they also presented some of their limited edition items in their special display case. We spotted their 62 Gun Salute whiskey, 28-year old Kew Palace Edition, and Royal Salute 32.

One cannot look away from their eye-catching in-store display as all the elements contributed to the success of their promotion. Their new line of whiskey is a nod to the 21 year of celebration of beach polo. As a brand that plays a part in the promotion of the sport, Royal Salute commemorates the event with a bespoke designed bottle and custom whiskey packaging.

As seen from the photo, their whiskey is contained in a light blue ceramic flagon with embossed details. On the other hand, the packaging features the signature of Polo ambassador and former England team captain Malcolm Borwick. Though simple, that little detail could serve as a final push for customers to buy this whiskey while supplies last.

you too can be as successful as Royal Salute when it comes to promoting your brand. So, if you want to create a killer marketing POS display that sells, here are some things we learned from Royal Salute and what you can do to improve yours.


3 Killer Ideas for Designing a Marketing POS Display – What We Learned from Royal Salute

  • Designs that Align with the Event: Royal Salute really put a lot of effort in creating this custom POS display. It was complete with Polo mallet, flags, and badge with 21 written on it. This could arouse people’s curiosity and motivate them to learn more about it. In essence, the display is not only selling the product itself but it also promotes the sport.
Marketing POS Display

Marketing POS Display

For your promotion, why not take advantage of special events to create a POS display or packaging that resonates with that celebration? People will see your product as something they “need to have” especially if it’s a limited-edition product.


  • Great Choice of Color: The beige-light blue combination creates a clear picture of the sport. Beige signifies the sand while blue the water and sky. Thus, creating a remarkable picture that people will remember. If you want to appeal to your customers’ emotions, using the right colors can have an impact on how people will see your brand. Choose colors that will appeal to the senses and evoke emotions. The more your customers can identify with your brand, the more they will remember it.


  • High Quality Materials: Wood is a fantastic choice of material because not only does it add a touch of class to the display, but protects the product as well. Furthermore, wood is flexible and can be customized to any shapes and design.


Other Amazing Elements of Royal Salute’s Marketing POS Display

Acrylic Display– The acrylic display has helped Royal Salute to reinforce their marketing message. It explained what their marketing campaign is all about. Thus, customers were able to learn more about the sport and Royal Salute’s part in the promotion of it.

High Quality Custom Whiskey Packaging: Royal Salute’s packaging for each of their limited-edition whiskey, were also eye-catching. For instance, their 21-year old Beach Polo edition is a simple beige and blue packaging that features Malcolm Borwick’s signature. For Polo enthusiasts, this is a one-of-its-kind item that deserves a spot in their home bar. 62 Gun Salute’s packaging is a bespoke whiskey case with their logo at the center so that it looks expensive and high-end.


For these reasons, Royal Salute was able to promote their brand in a way that reflects their brand message. As such, they had succeeded in creating a stunning and meaningful merchandising POS display that is not only attractive but informative as well.


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