Trading cards are more than just a toy. With your brand as the main design, you can promote your company to a wide range of customers. One good example is Ovaltine’s on-pack custom trading card. The brand has teamed up with Pokemon to promote their drinks with collectible cards. Customers will get a Pokemon card for every purchase of four Ovaltine drinks.

Custom Trading Card

Custom Trading Card

The trading card is found inside the plastic packaging so that customers can see the Pokemon character they are going to get. As Pokemon is popular among the younger generation and collectors alike, this promotional strategy will definitely attract their target market.

Custom Trading Card

Custom Trading Card

Ovaltine’s custom trading cards are great collectible items as the designs are not offered by other brands. What we really like about incorporating collectible cards is that they help encourage kids to choose healthy snacks over junk foods. Incentivizing kids with something that they can collect and play with will make drinking their drinks more fun.

Simple yet effective, there are many ways to use custom trading cards within a promotion. Here’s how:


5 Inventive Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Trading Cards

  1. As On Pack Gift: As exemplified by Ovaltine, trading cards are effective on pack offer along with drinks, cereals, breakfast items, and supplements. They can either put them inside the packaging boxes or tape them on the packaging.
  2. As Collectible Promo Gift: This will help increase sales because shoppers receive incentives every time they make a purchase. And when you offer them different cards for a limited time only, customers will feel the need to buy your products to collect all of the designs on offer.  Here’s a good example:

3. As a Promotional Gift with Educational Materials: Aside from brand licensing, you can use trading cards to aid learning. For instance, using the cards as visual aids for reading and writing. You can print letters, numbers, and words to make them suitable for school kids. Not only were you able to promote your brand, but you’ve also helped young ones to learn how to read and write.

4. As a Sports Promotional Item: Take advantage of your customers’ love for sports. Print famous players to promote basketball, baseball, polo, and Olympics celebrities to get customers interested in you brand. They make great collectible gift with purchase items. This helps stimulate sales as customers will be compelled to buy more to complete their collection. Here’s an example;

5. As Customer Giveaways: As custom trading cards are fairly inexpensive, they make for great customer giveaways for trade show marketing, commuter advertising, and movie marketing. Kids can take them home and play with them, thereby making a solid top of mind remembrance.


What We Learned from This Promotion

Adding custom trading cards in your on-pack promotion can be a fun way to stimulate sales whilst encouraging kids to choose healthy snacks. They are inexpensive to produce and flexible in terms of branding opportunities.

Aside from trading cards, you can also gift your loyal customers with collectible playing cards, which they can use for parties and games with friends. Make sure to use appealing designs to make your customers interested in what you are offering.

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Why offer custom trading cards for my promotions?

They are very cost-effective promotional items that will surely boost your retail sales!

What kind of promotions are the custom trading cards perfect for?

They are amazing as on-pack promotions, sports merchandise, collectible giveaway, loyalty programs, and more!

How to make custom trading cards promotion more effective?

You can partner up with well known licensed characters to entice more customers.