Boulanger, a famous French chain of retailing stores specialized in multimedia, household appliance and leisure products is currently offering gifts to their customers. Actually, Boulanger has created an association which is dedicated to improve people’s everyday lives.

Promotional Product France - Playing cards by Boulanger Fundation

Promotional Product France – Playing cards by Boulanger Fundation

So, this association is offering Happy Family playing cards in partnership with the firemen of Paris, to the people who want it.

So, the cards have advice as to avoid everyday life acciddents. As a wink the name of the family is “Bongeste” which means “GoodBehaviour”.

This gift is interesting for Bouanger. Why? Because it will give their customers the image that they are a responsible company, which is really taking care of their customers and for free! To get the playing cards they just have to go to a Boulanger shop or on the Boulanger website.

Moreover, they will be able to talk about their association which is also improving their brand image.

So all of this will certainly push people to go to Boulanger shops and so create business and give them more chance to increase their turnover.

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And for our French-speaking readers, a few words in French :

Comme vous pouvez le voir ici, les produits promotionnels peuvent aussi être utilisés par d’autres entités que les entreprises, comme les associations dans cet exemple. 

Dans ce cas cependant, le but final de la campagne est tout de même d’améliorer l’image de marque des magasins Boulanger et par voie de fait de fidéliser leur clientèle. Les objets publicitaires ont donc de nombreuses fonctions, parfois méconnues, n’hésitez pas à lire d’autres articles pour en (re)découvrir plein d’autres !