Giveaway product is one of the most effective marketing tool. No purchase or conditions need to be met to get any giveaway items. By being at the right time and place you can be entitled to a giveaway items.

For instance, when you are attending a trade show, you will receive some giveaways as you walk along the isles. Not all booths will give you some giveaways, but if you are passing by the right booth, they will pass you some promotional product.

Usually giveaway act as a complementary marketing gift. They are given out at the right place and time, where most of the people passing by are your target market. It may not necessarily given out to everyone. For example, let’s take a look at what Singapore Airlines (SIA) use as a giveaway.

Giveaway by Singaopore Airlines - Collectible Playing Cards

Giveaway by Singaopore Airlines – Collectible Playing Cards

Maximising Giveaway as Marketing Tool

When you are taking an SQ flight, you can ask the flight attendant for a set of playing cards. These playing cards are not placed on each seat, but any passenger can request to get one. You can play the cards on board, or keep it for yourself. Nobody will question you what you are going to do with the cards. SIA hope to obtain brand loyalty from the passengers by giving this cards away only on board.

SIA has been using this giveaway as early as the 1980s. SIA has done a great job in keeping this campaign exciting. As you can see from the picture above, SIA always come up with new artwork for the playing cards. This makes collecting the playing cards exciting. Passengers are always anticipating a new design from SIA. But how effective is it as a marketing gift?

Giveaway by Singaopore Airlines - Signature SQ Batik

Giveaway by Singaopore Airlines – Signature SQ Batik

When playing the cards, players can only see the back of the cards. These facilitates free advertising. The picture above is SIA signature batik pattern. This creates a significant brand awareness. Also the interesting artwork and the consistent quality will prompt other player to ask the origin of the playing cards. Now SIA passenger will start marketing the brand for free.

You can also use playing cards as giveaway. Whether you are branding the back or the front of the card, it will increase brand awareness. It is compact and simple, making it great for other promo gifts like on pack promotion or gift with purchase.