Following the success of Despicable Me franchise, Colgate has released its line of limited-edition promotional branded toys as part of its on-pack promotion in Asia. The on-pack toys are really appealing to kids and parents alike.

The promotional gift set includes 2 pairs of kids toothbrush, 2 tubs of Colgate kids toothbrush, and a beach toy set, all of which feature the cute little minions.

It is really important to educate kids about the importance of oral health while they are still young. However, kids often forget to do this because they are always on the move and busy playing. So what can parents do to help them understand the importance of brushing their teeth?

With the goal of educating the people of the importance of keeping one’s teeth and gums health, they are offering on-pack gifts for kids! Check them out:

On-Pack Toys

On-Pack Toys


Why We Love Colgate’s On-Pack Toys

Customized Gifts

Offering branded promotional toys can be an effective way to encourage more people to buy your products. The toys being offered by Colgate are licensed products and they come in a special packaging box. The cut out gives customers a glimpse of the items they are going to get so this really excites buyers, especially kids.

On-Pack Toys

On-Pack Toys

At the back of the packaging, you can see the on-pack offer by Colgate: a branded pail, watering can, and a mini rake and mini shovel.



The products are engaging in that kids will surely play with these products. They can use them at the beach and garden. And the more they use it, the more they become accustomed to the brand. Brand engagement is what businesses aim for, so what better way to get customers interested in the brand than to keep them engaged with freebies they can use every day.


Brand Message

Convincing kids to brush their teeth can be rather difficult. They are easily distracted. So what is the best way to make them interested in brushing teeth? Encourage them with toys to play with after brushing.


Movie Promotion

Kids and parents who have watched the Despicable Movie and loved it will certainly like to have such an awesome freebie. Brand licensing is such a great way to get the most out of different segments of the market. Consumers of Colgate and fans of Despicable Me will surely come together to support the partnership. Co-branding is surely a win-win for both Colgate and the movie franchise.

On-Pack Toys

On-Pack Toys


Packaging – We love the packaging because it is very colorful with yellow being the predominant color, a nod to the cute little minions of Despicable Me. The plastic covering also protects the gifts.

On-Pack Toys

On-Pack Toys


How Can On-Pack Toys Affect Your In-Store Marketing?

Rewarding Customers

Gifts serve as rewards for customers for purchasing their products. Doing this incentivizes customers and encourages them to support you even more. When they come to associate you with exciting gifts, they will surely keep your brand on top of their mind.

Targets Young Market

As demonstrated by Colgate, the bucket and tools are a great summer promotional items targeting the younger market. This is a smart strategy because it helped them to effectively instill in the minds of customers the importance of oral health. What did we learn from this? Toys are a great way to communicate your marketing message to your young customers.

Makes Your Brand Relatable

On-Pack Toys, especially plushies, can make your brand look relatable and easier to remember. This is because customers come to associate “fun” with your gifts and your company.

Make Campaigns More Interesting

Offering on-pack toys make the main selling product more special because unboxing the gift can add fun and excitement to your campaign. It is said that customers are drawn to brands that offer something extra. This helps direct their focus onto your products while leaving everything on the background.


How ODM Can Help?

So, were you inspired by Colgate’s example? Are you ready to have your On-Pack Toys customized? The first step to creating an effective custom promotional merchandise and business giveaways is to find a reliable product sourcing agency, such as The ODM Group. Our team can help you with sourcing and designing promotional goods for your business.

While most of our projects involve high-end promotional products, we can also assist with On-Pack Toys. We have experience with promotional plush toys, branded puzzles, outdoor games, and even drinking games.

Send us an email to know your promotional product options!


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