Many brands often give away promotional toys as an on-pack gift with purchase, especially for products targeted towards children. After all, on-pack giveaways of custom promotional toys are extremely effective promotions. As a result, many brands have taken to giving them away as promotional products. Hence, a generic toy as an on-pack gift is simply not going to cut it anymore! But don’t worry! Your brand can easily stand out from the numerous other brands by effective designing a custom promotional toy! We spotted one great example of such a toy in Vietnam.

promotional toys

promotional toys

This custom promotional toy bus is an on-pack gift with purchase of Vfresh juice. From the outside, it looks like any other generic promotional toy. However, this toy bus is anything but that! This toy is jam-packed with impressive and useful additions!

promotional toys

promotional toys

The toy bus has wheels that enable it to function as a toy for children to play with. However, opening the top of the toy bus reveals a storage compartment! This compartment can store stationery, thereby functioning as a promotional pencil case as well.

promotional toys

promotional toys

That’s not all! The top compartment opens once again to reveal another storage compartment underneath! This compartment also comes with a print of a multiplication table, which is extremely useful for children in school.

promotional toys

promotional toys

Thought that was it? Well, think again! The front of the toy bus can be removed to reveal a pencil sharpener! This is not only a cool feature but is also extremely useful for school children, who often use pencils in school.

promotional toys

promotional toys

Why We Like This Custom Promotional Toy:

Jam-packed with Features

This promotional toy bus comes with 2 storage compartments, a print of a multiplication table, and a sharpener. Hence, this product simultaneously functions as a toy, pencil case, storage device, and a pencil sharpener all at the same time! This high density of useful features will definitely set your brand apart from all the other custom promotional toys!

Brand Value

Offering this promotional toy as an on-pack gift will increase the perceived value of your brand in the eyes of customers. To start with, offering any promotional product as an on-pack gift itself will give your brand a greater brand value, especially relative to other brands that do not offer such promotions. However, this promotional product takes it one step further by offering an excellent free gift merchandise with numerous amazing and useful features! Hence, customers are definitely going to appreciate and admire the gift and think highly of your brand. Which brand does not want that!

Useful Free Gift

As this custom promotional toy functions as a toy, pencil case, storage device, and pencil sharpener simultaneously, it is an extremely useful free gift. Hence, this will put your brand over not only those who do not offer such promotions but also above other brands who offer free gifts that are not as useful or extraordinary.

Brand Recognition

This free gift stands out conspicuously, as the product is very large. Hence, it will immediately catch the eyes of customers and passers-by who walk past. Thus, this will make your brand more memorable in the minds of customers than other brands, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

Simple Manufacturing Design

Although the toy bus is densely packed with features, the way it is put together is actually extremely simple. The two storage compartments come in one set, and the base of the toy bus comes in another set. The two parts then simply slot firmly into place. The removable sharpener also slots right into the front of the toy bus. Hence, the overall design of this promotional toy is extremely simple, yet manages to pack so much fun into one little device!

How This Promotional Product Can Be Improved:

Displaying A Toy Sample: While the toy has many features, it is not visible immediately from the on-pack custom packaging design. The customer has to open the packaging in order to see the features. Hence, customers who view the gift will simply see a toy bus, and will not realize that it contains 2 storage compartments, a multiplication table, and a sharpener inside. This problem can be mitigated by displaying a sample of the toy on or near the shelf. Through this sample, customers can interact with the toy and pick it up. Hence, they will be exposed to all the features of the toy, and are more likely to buy the product.

Improving Packaging: The packaging of this product can be greatly improved, as the current packaging is awkwardly packaged. The toy bus is bigger than the main product, the juice pack. Hence, it dwarfs the main product. The packaging also blocks the brand name, which is a significant problem as customers would not be able to view the brand, which greatly reduces brand recognition. The packaging also hides the full extent of the product’s features, only providing customers with a superficial glance of the toy and hiding most of its hidden features. This problem can be mitigated by providing the free gift at the counter of purchase, rather than as an on-pack gift. An interactive sample of the toy bus can be displayed at the product shelf, which will allow customers to view and get exposed to the full extent of the features and functionality of the toy bus.

How we can help you:

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