Branded mini speakers rank high in the list of promotional products because they are practical, trendy, and fully brandable. Great design is key to making your mini speakers stand out. Here are examples from a trade fair we visited.

3 Reasons to Use Customized Mini Speakers for Your Next Brand Campaign

3 Reasons to Use Customized Mini Speakers for Your Next Brand Campaign

With so many promotional products out there, why opt for customized branded speakers?


3 Reasons You Should Use Customized Mini Speakers for Brand Campaign

Here are reasons you need to consider incorporating customized mini speakers in your next project:

3 Reasons to Use Customized Mini Speakers for Your Next Brand Campaign

3 Reasons to Use Customized Mini Speakers for Your Next Brand Campaign

  • Design Flexibility: With mini speakers, brand managers have the freedom to modify the style and designs. These vibrant designs appeal to the youth. Hence, this is great for products targeting the younger market. If you are a more high-end brand, our Mindsparkz team can help you create designs that fit your target market and brand image. Additionally, For better brand positioning, product designers can use solid colors, official brand colors, or other visuals that represent their company. Additionally, you can draw inspiration from these Bluetooth speakers from the Canton Fair:
  • Portable: Small, wireless, and compact, these customized mini speakers are great travel companions. Because customers can bring them anywhere they go, it exposes your brand to more end users they meet. As a result, your brand gains lasting exposure without sacrificing your marketing budget.
  • High Tech: The Bluetooth feature allows customers to play songs directly from customers’ devices, something smartphone users will love. Moreover, it is also rechargeable so there’s no need to buy replacement batteries. Efficiency is what customers are looking for in a product today.

Tips for Using Customized Mini Speakers for Promotions:

Materials, complexity of design, and additional features are factors to consider when manufacturing promotional mini Bluetooth speakers.

Speakers are made from metal, silicone, wood, or plastic. Because such products are usually a bit pricier than pens and stuffed toys, they are rarely given away as gift with purchase.

They work great for customer loyalty programs where shoppers can get the product for a discounted price once they accumulate certain reward points or get them free for buying premium products. Here’s an example of how to use a loyalty program for your business. You might learn a thing or two from Starbucks:

Speakers do not go out of trend, which is why we believe they are effective in developing stronger brand presence and improving in-store and online sales.

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