We spotted these innovative vibration speakers at the Hong Kong Electronics Trade Fair last week. These products are not your original type of speakers, integrating mp3 device and speaker. They are a new product which is highly innovative in terms of technology. The unique characteristic of this mp3 device is that there is no speaker inside and the music is played by the resonance of vibrations against the surface upon which the MP3 device is placed.

Different Models of Vibration Speakers

The device comes with a microSD chip which allows the device to read your clients music. It also comes with an electrical output, an analog input cable in order to plus your computer to the speaker and also a suction cap to make the device to stick to glass easily.

For your customers convenience the device comes with an infrared remote control in order to change volume and songs. The device can be put on any of the following surfaces, wood, glass, metal, paperboard and others. When the device is placed on different surfaces it makes a significantly different quality of sound, below is a list of the different sound quality:

  • Wood: good base sound, mid sound.
  • Metal: stronger base sound.
  • Cardboard / newspaper: clarity of sound is reduced, close to vinyl quality.
  • Glass: very crisp sound, best quality.
  • Hollow wall: good spacious sound quality.

Vibration speaker and mirror

This product is highly customizable in terms of choosing the color of the device and the printing of your company‘s logo and brand name. As you can notice in the picture above there are three different shapes of products, there are many more that exist, such as a bunny or robot shaped vibration speaker device. The device picture on the right here is a combination of a vibration speaker and a mirror!

There are many shapes available that can be used to target various different customer bases. Making a custom made shape for the device is possible yet highly expensive. The vibration speaker and mp3 device will be a great his as a promotional gift or for a GWP campaign, for example it could be associated with the purchase of a new laptop.

Contact ODMasia for assistance in manufacturing and customization of this highly innovative vibration speaker and mp3 player!