Mini Megaphone

Lots more products catching our attention this trade show season.  Want to make some noise when supporting your favorite team or simply shout out your message to a large crowd? Then mini megaphone is the right item for you.

Convenient, portable and including an adjustable volume control, sirens & music buttons, weighing less than 2 lbs, this product will soon become a mandatory item for any of your large events. Handy yet powerful, this megaphone can be customized according your needs.

To make some noise and support your team

For Parties, sports games, social reunions, public speaking or any other gathering involving a large crowd, the mini megaphone will help you get heard above everyone else. Additionally, its imprint area is ideal to get your logo across and to show your support for your local team. Also, if you lose your voice, you simply need to push a button and the mini megaphone will play the pre-recorded chant of your choice.

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