Kinder Joy is currently offering limited edition surprise egg custom plush toys. Kids and #kidsatheart will definitely love these cute aviator plushies on offer! The chocolate is popular among kids because of its surprise gift toys. Now, instead of a surprise toy, they can have a surprise egg plushies to collect.

Custom Plush Toys

Custom Plush Toys

This marketing strategy is truly effective. Stuffed toys and mascots serve as the face of a company. Thus, Kinder Joy offering plush toys allow them to make their brand known to their target customers. They allow the brand to communicate what they aim to accomplish and what they stand for.

Here’s why we love these custom plush toys from Kinder Joy:

  • Brand Message – Custom plush toys are a great way to get your brand into the hands of your customers. This is because the plushies can be custom made according to your brand requirements and brand image. As a such, it allows you to spread your brand message in a clear, concise, and interesting way.
  • Connect with Customers – Kids and kids at heart will surely love the aviator plushies because not only are they cute, but they also connect with the customers in an emotional level. The cute faces are not just fun to look at, but they also make strong visual impact to their target consumers. Moreover, displaying the promotional stuffed toys helps keep the brand on top of customers’ mind. The more they see the toys, the more they become familiar with the company.
Custom Plush Toys

Custom Plush Toys

  • Call to Action – Branding the toys allows for instant call to action. In this example, we can see that there’s “Let’s Play #kidsatheart” embroidered in the mesh bags. As customers are always on-line nowadays, this message serves as an invitation to join the conversation on social media. Customers who are social media savvy might take a snap of these custom plush toys and upload them on their own page. Using the same hashtag could start a conversation about the promo plush toys and eventually they will become curious of Kinder Joy’s egg surprise.
  • Extends Brand Remembrance – One thing about custom plush toys is that they allow for finer brand remembrance. They extend brand visibility beyond shop floors. Kinder Joy’s quirky yet cute plush toy design makes the brand easy to remember, this is why kids can easily tell their products apart from competitors.


Our Main Takeaway…

Unlike other promotional merchandise, only custom plush toys can affect customers in an emotional level. They serve as the face of your company so it is important to ensure that your plushies are well thought out. To make sure that your plush toys are made with utmost standard, work with a reliable plush toy manufacturer.

We, at ODM can help you source custom designed plush toys for your business. Our team of designers and merchandisers are always here to help you out. Get in touch with us today. If you have a design in mind, do not hesitate to email us. We will walk you through the creative process involved in the manufacture of custom plush toys.


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