Aside from in-store promotions and on-pack promos, an online promotion is also a great way to encourage customer loyalty and raise brand awareness. Birdseye, a frozen food brand, ran an online contest on all Captain Birds Eye products in supermarkets all over the UK last year. And what better way to create internet buzz than to use promo plush toys for the campaign?

Captain Bird's Eye Promo Plush Toys Create Internet Buzz

Captain Bird’s Eye Promo Plush Toys Create Internet Buzz

The online contest ran from 4th Sep 2017 to 26th Nov 2017. All customers have to do is visit and enter their details for a chance of winning a Captain Birds Eye plush toy. The details can be found on the product’s box.

Check out our blogs on how to manufacture plush toys and send us a mail with any questions in terms of design process and controlling the factory.  Given the amount of interpretation required to make 3-D toys from what are usually 2D sketches there can be lots of back and forwards with multiple samples required before you get the style you like.

Why Use Plush Toys in Your Campaign:

  • Targets a wide range of demographics.
  • Retains customer’s interest and raises brand awareness as toys will be associated with your brand.
  • Ensures continued brand visibility at home.
  • Offers numerous customization and design options.

Captain Bird’s Eye’s promo was an interesting marketing run because it  combined the effectiveness of on-pack promotions and online marketing. Online promos can help your brand in plethora of ways. Below, are some of its benefits:

Captain Bird's Eye Promo Plush Toys Create Internet Buzz

Captain Bird’s Eye Promo Plush Toys Create Internet Buzz

4 Benefits of Online Promotion

  • Boosts Online Presence: This strategy is really helpful if you are aiming to improve your online presence. Today, consumers spend a lot of time online. Using the power of the internet can help get your message out fast. Tapping the social media will also boost your promotional project.
  • Increases Audience Reach: The internet is a fantastic platform to advertise your brand. People from various parts of the country will be able to know about your promotional run. And those who visit your website will also get to know more information about your company that they would not normally learn from their local grocery store.
  • Easy to Set Up: Having an online promotion reduces the need for elaborate in-store displays (although this would greatly help) and other expensive marketing gimmicks. It requires short amount of time to set up an online campaign and is not as expensive as other promotional strategies.
  • Engages Customers: Birds Eye campaign was fun and engaging. The limited time offer adds a sense of urgency, which can motivate customers to make a purchase and join the contest.

Is this Strategy Right For You?

Done right, internet campaigns, contests, and promotions can ameliorate your online and in-store presence. It is ideal for any business size but small companies will greatly benefit from this strategy. This is because it is time-saving and cost-effective. And with the right customer giveaways, and marketing gifts, like custom plush toys, your brand will gain lasting advertising impact.

We, at ODM can help you with designing, sourcing and manufacturing of unique promotional products. Our Mindparkz team can help create high quality designs that will suit your branding needs. Contact ODM today to learn more about how we can help your business!

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