Easter is over now but it is never too late to promote chocolate! That is exactly why Nesquik has decided to open this online promotional gift store in France.

Promotional Product France - Nesquik Online Store

As you can see Nestlé is proposing a lot of different products such as plushes, books, bowls, bags, frisbee or pencil cases. All these items are obviously branded and most part of them are using Quicky’s model, Nesquik mascot.

Promotional Product France - Nesquik Plush

It is very easy to get one of these promogifts as customers have two different options. They can just spend the points collected on Nestlé’s products pack, then add an extra 3 EUR.   Alternatively they can buy this 30cm plush directly for 10 EUR.

Free gifts are usually more impactful so we think that it would have been probably better to offer some pens or smallers plush for free as gifts with purchase. The fact that the client has to pay this extra amount of money is not really appealing.

And you what do you think of this online promotional store?   What is your feeling about PWP promos as opposed to GWP Promos?

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