Gucci is gaining massive attention in Vietnam thanks to their interesting gift with purchase promotions! They are currently promoting their perfume line “Bloom.” To further enhance their in-store advertising, they are offering shoppers a custom Handbag with Logo upon purchase of their newest perfume.

Handbag with Logo

Handbag with Logo

Offering a free item in return is a smart move. Not only will the company gain more customers by doing this, but they also make customers feel they get more from their money. Thus, it is a win-win for the brand and the customers!

When it comes to marketing beauty products, cosmetic and toiletry bags rank high in the list of top marketing gifts. Here’s why:


Handbag with Logo by Gucci – Why it Works

Visual Appeal – The brown floral on beige background really pop. We love this design because it resonates with the name of their perfume brand “Bloom” and matches their custom product packaging. This reinforces brand recall since the design suggests flowers in bloom.

Functionality – This custom cosmetic pouch will surely be of use to shoppers. Recipients can use them to keep their cosmetic products and other personal items such as coin purse, keys, and even toiletries. With continued use, it can strengthen customer’s trust with the brand. This is because its functionality and quality will be associated with your brand the longer they are utilized.

Upsells Products – Free items are an effective bait that lures customers to your point of sale display. When done right, gifts with purchase not only attract customers, but they also drive them to make a purchase right at the point of sale. Displaying the free bag alongside the products gave Gucci a lot of marketing edge over competitors because customers can see right away that they will be rewarded for purchasing Bloom.

Affordable – Offering more than one product allows your customers to save more because they get two products instead of one. When bought separately, these products may cost more. As a result, shoppers will be encouraged to buy their perfume. This is an effective way to boost sales because customers tend to always choose the brands that offer “gifts” at no additional costs.

Gift-Ready – Shoppers looking for a gift may find this an excellent gift for loved ones. This way, they would be able to give two gifts for at a more affordable price.


Other Interesting Things About Gucci’s In-Store Marketing

Display Plinth – They used a beige color display plinth that matches with the bottle’s color. It has “Gucci Bloom” printed on it, which helps reinforce the brand’s visibility. It created a distinctive visual element that directs customer attention towards the product.

Handbag with Logo

Handbag with Logo

POS Display Unit – Merchandisers managed to keep Gucci’s point of sale display neat and simple.The minimalistic approach allows the brand to get their message across in a concise and straightforward manner.

Acrylic Display Case – As you can see from the photos, the handbag with logo is encased in an acrylic display box. The addition of a display case allows the brand to market their printed pouch as a high-quality product.

Handbag with Logo

Handbag with Logo

Advert with Beautiful Model – The use of an advert with a beautiful woman on it attracts their target market. It is a powerful message in that it shows how this perfume can make you feel beautiful and confident.

Handbag with Logo

Handbag with Logo

Product Packaging – The packaging box alone reminds one of their ongoing promotion for Bloom because of its beautiful floral prints. Not only do this reinforce their marketing message but it also helps create top of mind brand awareness that extends beyond shop floors.


What We Learned From This Strategy

When done right, gifts with purchase can give your brand the boost it needs to help keep up with the competition. One of the best beauty GWPs to offer your customers is a handbag with logo. Aside from its obvious practical value, custom promotional bags are flexible in terms of design and style. Furthermore, they serve as a walking advertisement for your brand. In line with this, we can say that Gucci did a tremendous job marketing their new Bloom perfume with their matching handbag and packaging.

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