Display plinths are a widely used marketing device for in-store merchandising. In essence, the display should grab the attention of customers, make the product more appealing, and motivate shoppers to make a purchase. That is exactly what Cacharel perfume did in their last campaign. Using a custom display plinth, they showcased their perfume in an appealing manner.

Display Plinth by Cacharel Adds Visual Appeal to In-Store Marketing

Display Plinth by Cacharel Adds Visual Appeal to In-Store Marketing

The display is made with acrylic with nice front logo and background that can have different photos swiped in and out of the frame. This means they can use the display over and over again. They only have to change the advert to make it suitable for their current brand campaign.

There are many benefits in using a display plinth. Here are some of them:

Importance of Using a Display Plinth

  • It Helps Improve In-store Display: Improving your in-store display can be the simplest yet most effective way to pull in customers and increase sales. A display stand can add an interesting visual flair to your presentation.
  • Makes People Interested in Your Product: A display plinth can direct the focus of your customers to the item being sold. Thus, it helps keep your customers interested. Customers will be encouraged to buy as a result.
  • Budget-Friendly and Customizable: Marketers can have a small, large, elaborate, or simple display plinth depending on your needs and marketing budget. It is also budget-friendly. Because they are fairly durable marketers can use it over and over again. They can also use it in a number of ways within their marketing project. Therefore, plinths provide long lasting advertising benefits for your company.

In conclusion, we believe that having a display plinth exclusively made for your brand will help your business in so many ways. With the right visual elements,  graphics, texts, and props, your display plinth can stimulate the senses and ultimately inspire impulse purchase.

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