Mouthwash company Listerine is not the first brand we’ve seen to use a free-standing display unit to their marketing advantage. However, we really like their use of a customized POP display that was recently spotted in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

It attracts the shopper straight away and the unique design intrigues those who are not familiar with the mouthwash brand. We also like this design as it is a fun design – this will increase the brand remembrance beyond the shop floor. This is a great idea for both big brands and brands that are limited to a small instore marketing budget.


Customized POP Display: In-Store Marketing Innovation by Listerine

Customized POP Display: In-Store Marketing Innovation by Listerine


Here is a great overview of customized POP displays:

Therefore, customized POP displays will help to attract shoppers over to your product; the more unique the display unit, the more intrigued the customer! Certainly, this is also true when manufacturing and designing POS Display Units. These are potentially the last interaction the customer will have with products on a shop floor, therefore it is vital that the customized pop display grabs their attention.


How a customized POP display can boost your customer interaction:

  • Stimulates customer interaction with your product – this is a memorable way to get customers over to your product and working out why the design has been selected
  • In-store marketing that is innovative and memorable – this will help to build a customer base that will keep returning to your product.
  • Unique brand exposure that differs from normal shop shelf sales – further increasing likelihood of interaction.
  • Additional customers – a customized pop display is likely to attract new customers. An enlarged version of the preexisting product is a great way to draw someone’s attention.
  • Upholds brand reputation – Listerine is a household name in the UK, by investing into their in-store displays, they are upholding their place as one of the primary mouthwash brands


Unique, upholding the brand and fun – as a result, an excellent example of effective use of a customized pop display by Listerine! Would your company benefit from using a custom POP display to boost customer interaction and sales? We’d love to hear from you if so – get in contact with our team today!


Customized Pop Display


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