Ritter Sport is a German chocolate maker that offers promotional printed mugs to their clients. This mug is in ceramic material. It has the Brand’s logo on it. See this blog to learn how we do ceramic factory visit at ODM Group. It is useful and simple. Also, it will give visibility and help expand your brand’s name.


How simple promotional printed mugs can improve marketing objectives

Exposure: the clients will surely use his/her promotional printed mug every day. Therefore, they will see the logo very often. The more they see it, the more they will be used to it. At times,  they will feel closer to the brand and will have more trust in it. Exposure is very important for a brand’s reputation. See for example this blog about branded bar towels. The customer can bring it to the beach for a lot of exposure.

Brand Awareness: therefore client will be more open to the products of your company. Indeed they will get used to your brand’s name. Promotional pens are another type of printed item that improves Brand Awareness (see this blog about custom pens). The fact that it is a practical gift with purchase helps with that matter. You can use it to drink your coffee in the morning or your tea during the evening. In conclusion, promotional mugs are a perfect and useful present.

Customize the print: It is possible to get creative about the print design. Look at this blog about manufacturing ceramic mugs for ideas about creative shapes and designs. The design is all about finding a logo that speaks to clients. Also, it doesn’t need to be too much. A simple logo on promotional printed mugs can go a long way in the client’s mind.


In conclusion, personalized promotional products are very good to have a better marketing strategy. Price promotions are important, but promotions in-store are also a must!

Get your own promotional printed mug. Contact our great team of product designers that will help you find the perfect design.


Ritter Sport created amazing Promotional printed mugs

Ritter Sport created amazing Promotional printed mugs

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