Custom printed mugs are probably one of the best promotional products out there. They are pretty much like a business card in that with the right branding, they can get your brand name in front of your target customers.

Mugs are a great place to print your logos or marketing message. Compared to business cards and flyers, they are fairly durable longer-lasting. With branded promotional mugs, you have so many options to choose from. There are color-changing cups, mugs with 3D designs, and coffee cups with quirky shapes.

Impress your customers with some cute ceramic mugs with funny emoticons. These coffee mugs come with a lid and spoon. However, the adorable prints are the best selling feature of these cups.

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs


Why Should Custom Printed Mugs Be Part of Your Promotions?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Practical Products

People love to drink warm beverages, no matter the weather. A cup of joe is a great way to start the day. Some love to have a cup of warm tea to relax after work while others would love to drink a cup of warm milk before they sleep. With that said, mugs with your company logo become part of your customers’ everyday life. Whether they are at work or at home, the possibility of interacting with your brand through custom printed mugs is definitely high.


Custom Printed Mugs Double the Exposure

When you see company names printed on the mug, chances are, you will remember them all throughout the day. That is how powerful promotional drinkware is. Unlike TV ads or sales agents, they are unobtrusive. Moreover, people are in a more relaxed state when they drink their favorite warm beverage, which means they are more receptive to your marketing message printed on the mug.

Most importantly, they increase your brand exposure exponentially. Imagine keeping at least two of the same promotional printed mug and sharing a drink with two or three of your friends. Wouldn’t that increase your brand exposure?

And even if customers do not feel like keeping them in their kitchen, they can always give them away to someone whom they think will need it more.


Great Conversation Starter

Whenever we see something unique, we could not help but ask where the other person got it. And receiving freebies really makes us tick, right? So, there is no doubt that these cute mugs will be a great conversation starter. People will want to talk about your brand, how they can get them, and potentially attract new prospects.

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs

Long-Term Advertising Benefits

Done right, your custom printed mugs could end up in their kitchen and on their display shelves. One of the long-term benefits is extended brand exposure beyond retail stores. People will use them daily, put them on display, and share them with friends. The long term benefits definitely exceed the initial cost of manufacture, shipping, etc.


Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs

Serves as an Incentive

Nothing makes customers more eager to support your company than providing an incentive. But why custom printed mugs? People love to collect gifts that are not just useful but beautiful as well. You do not want to keep stuff that will only collect dust on the shelf after a few months. In addition, shoppers want to feel appreciated and rewarded for supporting a company with values that align with theirs.

And, who can resist these cute mugs with lid and spoon? Not to mention, the cute designs are sure to make your day a little brighter.


Tips for Advertising with Custom Printed Mugs

Work with a Reputable Sourcing Agency

Before you dive right into your promotional campaign, it is important to shop for reputable marketing agencies that can help you with sourcing high-quality promotional products to carry your brand name. Legit ones will give you cost-effective options and honest estimates upfront. Doing so will allow you to spread your marketing budget wisely and more effectively.

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs

Include Them in Your Swag Bag

When putting together a swag bag for any event, you want to include at least one high-end item and some less expensive stuff to make sure there is variety in your gifts. But inexpensive does not necessarily mean cheap. And custom printed mugs are the epitome of cost-effective yet quality products.


Make Your Message Clear

Some brands opt for a more simple and streamlined design like printing their logo or brand name on the mugs. However, you may also want to add your contact info such as email, website, or phone number. Adding a call to action spurs customers to really act. When the need for your service arises, you want to be sure that your contact information is within their reach. The message is clear: they can rely on you!

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Printed Mugs

Contact ODM

Are you keen on customizing these custom printed mugs for your business? If so, feel free to contact us with product code ODM-3268. ODM is a buying agent in China with offices in Hong Kong and Vietnam and we work closely with factories to ensure the quality of your merchandise.

Do you have a design idea in mind? Then do send us an email and our in-house product designers at Mindsparkz will help you make your design ideas come to alive. Contact us today!

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