March 22 is World Water Day! “Valuing Water” is this year’s theme, a very important message for all of us. This is the best time to celebrate the importance of having a source of clean and potable water, raise awareness of the water crisis, and discuss ways to safeguard our sources to ensure that everyone has access to clean water. If you are a company looking for ways to encourage more people to support this advocacy, then why don’t you offer custom water containers with your logo? Aside from water containers, you may also check out these products in the poster below.

Happy World Water Day

Happy World Water Day

Custom water bottles are classic promotional products. They never go out of trend and are always in demand because they offer a solution to a real need- to quench thirst. Seeing that people need to consume an average of 8 glasses a day, using custom water containers as a marketing tool is sure to give your brand free exposure every time they are used.

When it comes to designs, you have so many choices to choose from. If you are looking for something that is lightweight, food-grade safe and has a large volume capacity, then this custom water container with a collapsible body is certainly worth checking out.

Custom Water Container

Custom Water Container

However, before we explain how you can use them for branding campaigns, let us first show you how awesome this particular water container is.


Why These Custom Water Containers with Collapsible Body are Ideal for Branding?

Unique: These promotional drinking bottles are different from the typical cylindrical bottles. They are square in shape and can be disassembled when not in use.

Collapsible and Compact: Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this product is the ability to be collapsed when not in use. Thus, this makes storage a breeze.

Custom Water Container

Custom Water Container with a Collapsible Body

Made from Food Grade Plastic: The containers are made from food-grade Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a lightweight and flexible type of plastic. Since it is certified safe, attendees can enjoy their drinks without the aftertaste.

Available in Different Sizes: The containers are available in 1 Liter up to 25-Liter capacity, so you have a lot of choices to offer your customers.

Custom Water Container

Custom Water Container with a Collapsible Body – Different Sizes

Leak-Proof Gasket: This feature keeps contents from spilling, so transporting water becomes more convenient. So if you need a light, portable, and reliable water container to bring outdoors, this plastic collapsible water container is your best option.

Custom Water Container

Custom Water Container


Custom water containers with your company logo are also a surefire way to make people notice your brand. Here’s how.


Ways to Use Custom Water Containers for Branding

1. Sponsorships

Sponsorships play a big role in establishing a positive brand image. Partnerships with schools, sports teams, and even religious groups are a great way to show customers that your company values align with them.

As these custom water containers are designed for long-term use, your brand could surely end up in your customers’ kitchen.

Custom Water Container

Custom Water Container


2. Sports Promotions

Sports events provide a great opportunity to get people to notice your company. This is why many companies take advantage of prestigious sporting events like FIFA and the Olympics. Co-branding promotes not only the event but your brand as well.


3. Thank-You Gift from Water Companies

Mineral water is a lucrative business especially now that there is a need for clean, safe, and potable water. So, if you are looking for a practical thank you gift for clients and customers, then these custom water containers with a collapsible body are your best bet.

They not only complement the main selling product, but they also help to reinforce their marketing message and uphold their brand reputation.


4. Swag Marketing

Amidst a global health crisis, businesses can still connect with their teams and customers. Virtual conferences, contests, and exhibits have become the norm. However, it is not easy to conduct a virtual event, given our current situation. Unlike live gatherings, there is a high chance that people will lose interest in the event. Offering virtual event swag bags is a surefire way to hype up the event and create engagements organically.


5. Charity Run

One of the best ways to gain traction is to have a water container handy at the event. After running, people will need something to quench their thirst. As such, it is a great idea to brand around this handy item. Doing so helps you to raise awareness about your advocacy in your locality.



Our Key Takeaways…

Like custom promotional pens and bags, water bottles and containers remain one of the most popular promo items that customers find handy. They provide a solution to a real need: to quench thirst. As such, customers will keep and use them for a very long time.

Because they are not your usual water container, they attract lots of attention. You see, when something catches our eyes, we are compelled to ask questions such as “which brand” and “where to buy”. In a way, they inspire positive brand engagement organically.


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