Why are Collectible Merchandise Great Marketing Tools?

Collectible merchandise is a commonly used marketing tool. There is a variety of collectible merchandise that companies can use such as collectible custom party bows, cups, bottles, and many other small gifts. In this blog, we would like to share how collectible merchandise is great marketing tool and why you should use them. 

We chanced upon this collectible merchandise in a Singaporean supermarket. In a marketing campaign rolled out by Marigold, a leading dairy and beverage company, collectible bottles were offered to customers for every purchase of 2 x 1L or 2L Marigold HL Milk. 

The collectible bottles are made shaped in the shape of Marigold HL Milk’s milk cartons and came in 4 different designs. The four designs showcase different animals namely a dinosaur, giraffe, octopus and a seahorse

collectible merchandise

What’s great about this collectible bottle?

1. Design

Firstly, these collectible bottles come in an interesting shape. It is rare to find bottles that are shaped in such a unique way. Next, the bottles also have such cute designs. Milk is known to provide Vitamin K and D to strengthen bones. Parents are always encouraging their children to consume more milk to keep them strong and fit. Hence, these cute designs are very suitable for children which would also be great for pester power marketing. You can check out our blog on pester power as well and some promotional bottle products that would cater to kid promos too. 

Interested in Sippy Cups? We love how they create pester power and are excellent marketing tools to attract children!

Unicorns are fictional characters to adults but they live in a fantasy wonderland to children. Check out this unicorn water bottle that we think is really eye-catching.

Branded water bottle designs like these attract kids and they are convenient to carry around.

Check out these extremely cute and irresistible cartoon shaped custom travel bottles. They are so attractive, hard to miss and we love them to the core!

2. Functionality

In hot and humid weather like Singapore, it is crucial for us to drink up. These custom water bottles allow your customers to drink up and keep themselves hydrated. It is a highly functional promotional product that is used in Singapore. You can never drink too much water right? Take a look at this blog for 5 Promotional Water Bottle Ideas for branding and this blog that shares why custom water bottles are ideal for marketing!

3. Brand Awareness

This product is branded with the company logo. This allows an increase in brand awareness and brand visibility. With such a cute and functional product, kids will love to bring them around. As a promotional product, they give the company an immense competitive advantage.

Collectible Merchandise

Collectible Merchandise

You can take a look at this blog on how a water bottle giveaway gave Pocari Sweat the promotional push it needs. 

So why are collectible merchandise great marketing tools?

Collectible merchandise is always well-loved because everyone wants to get them all. This is proven through many branded collectible merchandise promotions. They encourage customers to purchase more products in order to collect them all, which makes them a great marketing strategy. Furthermore, some products of high functionality could lead to your customers sharing them with their beloved friends and family. Therefore, it allows for increased brand recognition and brand visibility amongst a larger range of customers. 

Collectible Merchandise

Collectible Merchandise

We believe that collectible merchandise is great incentive for customers to purchase your products and increase your brand value as well. You can check out other collectible merchandise case studies like this here! 

This is another promotional strategy that Marigold has come up with where they used popular characters from the cartoon, We Bare Bears.

Darlie, a toothpaste brand, recently offered cute collectible bowls with every purchase of a pack of Darlie’s toothpaste ($15). Riding on the success of the character from Sanrio, this marketing strategy has been proven to be effective.

Check out how this transportation company uses this interesting and effective marketing strategy to increase brand awareness!

Keep guests coming back for more with these pieces of airline merchandise. By offering products that can spark brand remembrance, your customers will definitely be back for more.

How can ODM Group help?

If you are interested in collectible merchandise like these or promotional products, please contact ODM Group today! We are a promotional marketing agency that can definitely assist you with all your marketing needs! If you are looking for other promotional product ideas, you may check out fresh ideas and blogs from our online magazine.

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