Learning about custom sign manufacturing will be today’s agenda! The ODM team in China has recently visited one of our Zhuhai suppliers to find out more about its processes. In this trip down, we will see the importance of industrial factory tours and quality control services to more readily oversee product creation and client satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the processes!

custom sign manufacturing

Custom Sign Manufacturing

Stages of Custom Sign Manufacturing 

Step 1: Cutting of Raw Materials

Firstly, all custom sign manufacturing will begin with machining. This means getting all raw materials ready for production. A piece of raw material (metal) is cut into the desired shape and size. They are controlled by the factory employee using the cutting machine with precise markings on them. It is indeed certain that machining is mostly used in metal product manufacturing. However, it can also be used for materials such as wood, plastic, etc. 

custom sign manufacturing

Raw Material Cutting

Step 2: Silk Printing

Silkscreen printing, a technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the product. To prevent the whole product from getting inked, a blocking stencil is placed underneath to make certain areas impermeable to the ink. Later, the blade is moved across the screen by the factory employee to fill the permeable areas or open mesh with ink. The reverse movement indeed allows the screen to touch the product momentarily along the line of contact. 

Fun Fact! One color is printed at a time. Thus, for multi-colored designs, several screens will be used. Furthermore, silkscreen printing is long-lasting, and a durable, fantastic method for printing your company’s designs.

custom sign manufacturing

Silk Printing

Step 3: Blister Molding

Thirdly, the main step will be blister molding. The plastic plate is heated into a pliable and soft material in the oven machine to a high-enough temperature. This ensures that the plastic can be formed into a specific shape in the blister mold of the next machine. On the other hand, the softened plastic will be pressed and molded into the required shape of the signage. Lastly, the plastic will cool and harden itself.

custom sign manufacturing

Blister Molding

Step 4: Shape Cutting / Trimming

The hardened signage will be brought to the trimming station next. The factory employee will trim down any excess plastic or materials along the sides of the product. A pressure gun will be blown onto the product as well for additional checks. Thus, this ensures that all products are equal and up to high-quality standards.

custom sign manufacturing

Trimming Process

Step 5: Spraying of Metal Frame

Some other steps of custom sign manufacturing will be lacquer coating. Lacquer necessarily means a range of clear or pigmented coatings dried by solvent evaporation. Hence, it is sprayed onto the metal frames to provide it with a glossy and durable finish. Once sprayed, it is brought to the drying rack for solvent evaporation.

custom sign manufacturing

Metal Spray

Step 6: Engraving Process

As simple as it sounds, the engraving process will be the cutting of lines onto the plastic signs/displays to reflect the light of them. The engraving machine allows for precision cutting where the accuracy of the lines is needed for performance. As accordingly, the factory employee will place the display onto the machine and let it do its work.

custom sign manufacturing

Engraving Process

Step 7: LED Installation

For light up signages such as custom acrylic led signs or bulb signage, there will be the installation of LED light stripes onto the displays.  Once installed, the factory employee will test out the workability of the light functions before moving on to the next display.

custom sign manufacturing

LED Installation

Step 8: Sample Room

After all the manufacturing action we will head to the sample room. It is basically a display room. All the custom sign manufacturing displays, boards, signages will all be displayed in this room for visual checks. Both stock and custom made samples will be kept here before sending it out to customers.

custom sign manufacturing

Sample Room

Learning Points

At last, we have completed the factory tour of custom sign manufacturing! The ODM Group certainly believes in conducting frequent factory tours and visits. Consequently, it is important not only to build up a rapport with your suppliers but to clear up any misconceptions before shipping the products out. On the whole, you can check out the video below for a virtual tour of the processes!

Contact ODM 

At ODM, we not only specialize in custom displays/signages and manufacturing of high-quality products, but we also help evaluate factories through factory visits. You can also check out our sister website MindSparkz to learn more about product design! If you’re looking to market a product or require help in producing high-quality products, be sure to contact ODM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some molding considerations?

Preventing leaks: liquid molding compounds can seep through gaps in the machine and impede operations. Thus, seals and sealant material are important elements in a molding device, especially for moving or rotating parts. Inorganic fillers: Cause equipment to deteriorate at a faster rate. Thus, corrosion resistance treatments or increased maintenance are required to compensate for wear.

What materials can be used for custom sign manufacturing?

There are plenty of materials that can be used for custom sign manufacturing. They include Aluminium, Corrugated Plastics, PVC, Vinyl, Woods, and many more.

How long does it take to manufacture the signs?

The manufacturing and production times of the signs vary according to the product dimensions and specifications, and the demand for it. It can take from a few days to weeks and months to manufacture. Contact ODM to find out how long your outdoor advertising signs, custom neon signage, etc will take!